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Blood In Semen - Find The Possible Reasons For The Same

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Many men either at their young age or in late 40s might see blood spots on their semen. It mainly happens due to benign prostate enlargement. This problem is also known as HAEMATOSPERMIA. The situation is not severe and at times you don’t need any treatment for the same.

The reproductive system of male consists of number of organs. When sperm is generated within testicles, it passes through all these organs and finally ejects out through penis. Blood can be generated from any of these organs, and is passed out during ejaculation.

Reason for blood in semen

There are many reasons that can cause blood in the semen. Some of the common reasons are blockage, infection, inflammation, or injury in any part of male reproductive system. Out of the various organs of male reproductive system, prostate is one of the most important organs where sperm is generated. If there are any of the above stated problems is found in your prostate then it can generate blood in your semen.

If your case is in primary stage then blood in your semen can be seen as a symptom. If the blood is found to any of the associated problems then it is known as secondary stage of HAEMATOSPERMIA.

Primary stage

At primary stage people suffer from this problem, men might see the spot not so frequently. Thu it is not considered to be so serious. You will not able to detect any physical reason of occurring of blood. Your urine will also show no presence of any blood. In short if blood is observed in your semen without any reason then check how frequently you experience the problem.

Secondary stage

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The case can be considered as secondary stage, when there is some known reason of blood in male reproductive system. In order to detect the actual cause of this problem it is necessary to conduct biopsy of your prostate and urinary system, to see if there is any infection. Another reason of occurrence of blood in semen can be due to benign prostate enlargement, which can be detected through ultrasound test.

Quite often secondary HAEMATOSPERMIA can also be due to parasitic infections, tuberculosis, chronic liver disease, HAEMOPHILLA, etc. Sometime blood in semen can cause due to prostate’s ultrasound guided biopsy too. However such cases are very rare. Patient with prostate cancer can also develop blood in their semen if any biopsy of their prostate was done.

Some of the other symptoms of blood in semen

There can be following symptoms if blood is seen in semen because of prostate gland infection

  • During ejaculation there is slight pain
  • Pain observed during urination
  • Tenderness or swelling in the scrotum or groin area
  • Pain observed during bowel movement
  • Lower back pain
  • Blood in urine
  • Fever or chills

Many men think that blood in semen may also occur due to sexually transmitted disease, but it is very doubtful to be true. Also many people attribute the blood in semen because of rough sex which is also generally not true. If the genital has got injured during sexual act due to some reason then trace of blood can be observed in the semen.

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