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Few Facts And Myths About Male Infertility

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Most of us have heard about women’s infertility. However, there are plenty of cases, where a couple is not able to have a child due to men’s infertility. You must have heard that 80 year old man was able to become father at the ripe age, but at the same time cases of infertility is increasing rapidly among men.

There are lots of myths

As far as male infertility is concerned, there are a lot of myths associated with it, but the real fact is quite different from that. In this article, we will discuss about a few myths about male infertility, which is commonly believed by people all around the world.

As stated earlier, as far as infertility issue is concerned, people usually assume the fault is with women, but in reality it has been observed that in 40 per cent cases, it was man who was responsible.

Many people still believe that most of the couples cannot bear child due to stress in their work life. Though stress can affect the sex life of the couple to a certain extent, it will certainly not affect the quantity or quality of semen. Therefore, stress can never be considered the main reason for infertility. So, if a couple are getting along well with each other, and also have good sex life, but yet fail to conceive, then it is right time for them to consult a doctor.

Generally, people believe that if your testicles are in cooler environment then it can improve the sperm quality to a great extent. However, according to doctors it is harmful to keep your testicles in cool environment. In addition, you must avoid wearing tight clothes, prolonged driving, using laptop for longer duration, hot or sauna bath etc.

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Even a young man can be infertile

People often think that infertility increases as the man grows old, but the fact is that even a young man in their twenties can also be infertile. People who excessively smoke and drink alcohol may damage the quality of their sperm. By quitting this habit you can certainly get better result.

In order to improve the quality of your sperm, you must take sufficient quantity of antioxidants. Take foods, which contain rich amounts of zinc, vitamin C and E and selenium etc.

Another myth going around is that the users of mobile phones are likely to damage the quality of sperm due to electromagnetic waves. However, this fact has not yet been proved scientifically.

In case, you already have one child that does not mean that you cannot become infertile in the future. Infertility can take place due to several reasons at later age. If you are overweight, then it can affect your fertility. Therefore, it is better to lose your weight to improve upon your infertility.

Many people also think that your sperm count will reduce due to excessive driving of motorcycles or cycles, which is also not true.

We hope by reading this article many of the myths related to male infertility are clarified.

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