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What Are The Common Causes Of Male Infertility

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These days, male infertility has become a common problem among men. There are many reasons that lead to male infertility. As a thumb rule, if any couple fail to become parents, even after normal sex life for more than a year or two, then it is necessary for both the partners to consult medical experts. People often suspect the female partner to be responsible for not conceiving, but the fact is that male infertility can also be a potential reason for this problem.

If it is really detected that male partner is responsible for not producing baby then it is essential that actual reason of male infertility must be understood. This will not only help in the treatment of the person concerned, but also will increase the probability of conceiving sooner or later.

Let us discuss a few common reasons due to which male infertility may occur.

Low sperm count

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As far as male infertility is concerned most of the affected persons are suffering due to low sperm count. However, good news is that with proper medical treatment this problem can be cured to a certain extent. Usually, the main reason for low sperm count is due to lower production of sperm men. There can be a number of reasons attributed to this low sperm count. Some of the common reasons are taking wrong medication, hormonal changes, illicit uses of drug, alcohol abuse, excessive smoking or caffeine intake etc. The rise in testicle temperature or its injury can also be the potential causes of low sperm count. Testicular heating can be due to sauna or hot tub bath and also due to use of tight underwear.

One can improve his sperm count by surgical varicocele repair, which can improve the chance of conceiving. People with low sperm count can also conceive by using in-vitro fertilization (IVF) method. Many people with low sperm count can also take Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, which is also known as intrauterine insemination, often used along with IVF treatment. This treatment can also help women to conceive, even if her partner has low sperm count.

Low sperm motility

This is another common reason of male infertility. If the male sperm does not move forward properly then there can be lots of problem in conceiving. Low sperm count can also be one of the reasons for low sperm motility. In addition to that, excessive use of drug and alcohol, certain medication, caffeine, smoking and injury in the testicle can cause low sperm motility. Testicular overheating can also be another chief reason for this.

Abnormal sperm

In case, the shape of the sperm is abnormal or it does not develop in correct manner then it can cause male infertility. The reason for this problem is almost same as other two problems mentioned above. In addition to that exposure to certain chemicals and heavy metals can also cause this problem.

If you have failed to produce baby then both the partners must get thoroughly checked by the doctor. The reasons for male infertility are often very different from female infertility. Therefore, to solve this problem it is necessary to diagnose properly and take necessary treatment.

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