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What You Should Do To Improve Your Fertility And Sperm Count

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If a man wants to impregnate his partner then his sperm count must be minimum 40 million after every ejaculation. As per the statistics available, about 40 per cent of the couples, who are having problem in conceiving a baby, are due to problem in the man’s sperm. When a man goes for his fertility test then the first test is done to measure his sperm count. While doing sperm analysis, the doctor can also evaluate his sexual performance and check how soon he gets his orgasm.

Reasons for low sperm count

Sperm production can be temporarily reduced due to several reasons. Some of the possible causes are exposure to heat, heavy duty cycling, insomnia, tightly fitted briefs, pressure of performance and various emotional stresses. Sperm count can also reduce due to the above reasons. People whose sperm count reduces temporarily can improve their sperm count by changing their lifestyle.

According to the latest data, 6 percent of men in the age group 15 to 50 are suffering from infertility. There are a number of reasons, which cause male infertility.

Low sperm count usually occurs in men, who are having a problem of VARICOCELE. People suffering from low sperm count can cure them by taking proper diet, which has a combination of folic acid and zinc. Sperm count can also reduce due to deficiency of vitamin C.

With the latest research, it has also been found that FertilAid, which is a kind of natural vitamin, can also improve the quality of sperm. People who lead poor lifestyle can also suffer from infertility.

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What you should do to improve your sperm count -

Following are few of the things to do so that it can help you to improve your sperm count.

  • Take vitamin supplements and folic acids regularly.
  • Reduce or completely stop smoking as it adversely affects your sperm count and motility too.
  • You must not allow your scotum to heat up. By wearing tight underwear or taking sauna bath for a long time can badly affect your sperm count, so avoid them.
  • Do not overstress yourself and try to do exercises.
  • Maintain your weight as per your height. You should not be overweight or underweight as it can adversely affect your testosterone and estrogen level.
  • You must avoid taking any kind of drug for your recreation.
  • You must also stop using any kind of steroids.
  • Over exercise must also be avoided. Sometimes due to extra amount of exercise, your testosterone level reduces.
  • You must stay away from hazardous environment like lead, pesticides, paint, radioactive substances, radiation, benzene, mercury, boron and other heavy metals.
  • You must eat healthy food and sleep well.

Take advice of doctors to improve your sperm count

You may produce lots of semen while ejaculating, but it may not have healthy sperm count. It is therefore beneficial to take the advice from your doctor. Men whose volume of sperm is less or whose viscosity is also poor must withdraw their penis when the ejaculation process starts. You must collect your semen and then take to any lab for proper testing. With proper medication, it can surely help you to improve your sperm count.

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