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Gazing At The Television For Long Decreases The Count Of Sperm

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Watching television for long hours has become quite common amongst all. It causes serious problems like obesity and eye sight problem. However, recent studies show that sitting in front of the television for long hours leads to decrease in the sperm count.

Research conducted on a group of men

The research was conducted on male between the age group of 18 to 22 years. There were a total of hundred and eighty nine men, on whom the study was conducted.

It was observed that the men who watched television for almost twenty hours or more in a week, had forty percent less in sperm count, as compared to men who didn’t watch television. Watching television doesn’t allow them to do any exercise, which increases problems like obesity.

The research was also conducted on men who exercised for fifteen hours or so in a week. It was observed that such men had higher sperm count than those who didn’t exercise at all. Regular exercises kept them active and help in increasing the sperm count.

Prefer an active lifestyle and ongoing research

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Audrey Gaskins a study researcher as well as a doctoral student at Harvard School of Public Health says that an active and energetic lifestyle among men leads to a higher count of sperms.

Dr. Andrew Kramer, an urologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center informs that an active life is always better, as it keeps them fit and healthy. It increases the sperm count in men.

There is no harm in watching televisions, as they are must to get entertained. The problem arises, when you don’t do any physical activity that causes serious problem. You can balance your life, in such a way that it will help you to lead a healthy life. Some of the research was conducted to check if low sperm count incurring due to watching television, caused infertility in men.

Certain factors which were kept in mind during the research

The factors which were kept in mind during the ongoing research to prove low sperm count in mind due to watching television are as follows -

  • The intake of calories by an individual
  • His body mass and weight
  • His smoking habits
  • The amount of alcohol that an individual consumes

Other similar research

There are other researches on lowering of sperm count, which is very similar to this research. According to a study carried out by Harvard School of Public Health study have proved that men who are overweight cannot impregnate their partners, as they have less amount of sperm count. Some of the problems are serious while others are not.

Another study by Harvard School of Public Health study proved that men who consume food high on fats face obese problems. Such food reduces the sperm count, which is a serious issue in men. Audrey Gaskins, a study researcher commented that if a person starts exercising and lead an active life, might improve the sperm count.

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