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All That You Should Know About Semen Analysis

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By doing proper semen analysis, you can detect sperm count and the volume as well. In order to do semen analysis a number of tests are conducted, so that one can find out the characteristics of the sperms. With the help of proper sperm analysis, it is possible to do suitable treatment for infertility.

What exactly is sperm analysis?

While performing sperm analysis the experts measure the quantity of sperm per mm after each ejaculation. It also measures the number of white cells present in it. Motility of sperm is also checked and evaluated. This tells us, how much the sperm can swim forward. In addition to that sperm’s shape, its pH level, fructose level is also measured and a complete analysis of the semen is made. These things change in men due to change in their lifestyle. Most of these analysis and measurement is done with the help of a computer. There are a number of computer methods available for sperm analysis.

Semen sample collection is also one of the essential processes for semen analysis. Sample is usually obtained in a clean cup after undergoing masturbation. In some cases, a special kind of condom is also used for the collection of sample, which is generated during regular sexual intercourse.

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During semen analysis, semen quality is also checked. In order to evaluate male fertility it is important to know whether the semen can really fertilize properly. Sperm is the most essential component of the semen. Therefore, a number of tests are carried out to check the sperm quality. There are several factors, which affects the quality of sperm e.g. heat, physical trauma, environmental chemicals, hormones and diet and medications.

Significance of sperm motility in sperm quality test

Sperm should have the capability to fertilize the egg and therefore it must have sufficient capacity to move forward and swim across. This property of sperm is known as sperm motility. If the sperm motility is poor in any man then his sperm cannot swim across and reach the egg of his partner. So, the sperm will not able to fertilize the egg. Therefore, sperm motility is one of the most important parameters while evaluating the quality of a men's sperm. Men can successfully impregnate a woman only if his semen can fertilize the egg of his partner.

How to improve the sperm volume with natural process

In order to increase fertility in men, it is important that his sperm volume be increased. Sperm volume can be increased by a number of natural processes. This will also improve the sperm count as well. There is an array of natural foods available, which can help in improving the sperm volume. Besides that, you can get certain natural pills that can help you to increase your sperm volume. As far as healthy diets are concerned, you must take those diets, which are rich in Zinc. You can also consult various experts of sex, who can suggest various natural ways, which can help you to get better orgasms and sexual performance. In this way, you can ejaculate more amounts of sperm.

You can also consult specialist doctors, who may recommend certain pills, which can help you to increase the volume of your sperm. These pills can be easily obtained from the chemist's shops.

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