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Vitamin B 12 – An Effective Way To Increase Fertility

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Intake of vitamins in our diet is a natural way to prevent any diseases and increase our metabolism rate. There are many natural resources through which any deficiency of our body can be treated. Vitamins play a vital role in smooth functioning of our body. Vitamin B is one of the thirteen main ingredients needed to keep human organs in working condition.

Commonly known as ‘energy vitamin’, it is the main ingredient for smooth functioning of our body parts. It is scientifically named as ‘Cobalamin’, as it contains traces of cobalt. Infertility can also be treated by taking vitamin B12. It has been proved that the couples who have included this vitamin in their diet, or have been taking supplements can conceive as and when they want.

Where can be vitamin B12 naturally found?

  • Animal food : Beef, liver, eggs
  • Fishes: Salmon, trout, tuna, mackerel and clam.
  • Diary products: Yogurt, cheese and milk also contain this vitamin in high percentage.
  • Plants food: Cereals (all bran), soy products, parsley, barley, malted syrup, sour dough bread, shitake mushroom.

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How it helps in regulating our body functions?

It helps in proper functioning of blood cells. Daily dose of Vitamin B12 balances your hormones. It also assists in increasing the fertility in both male and female. It is needed to maintain healthy nerve cells and in developing DNA. It is required to form myelin, which protects and makes nerves work efficiently. It helps in digestion of food. It has been discovered that this nutrient increases the sperm count in men.

What happens when your body lacks vitamin B 12?

Lack of Vitamin B12 leads to fatigue, irritability and even depression. Lack of sleep and mania are also the symptoms of having deficiency of this vitamin. If it continues for longer period, then it may even damage brain and nervous central system. It also leads to stoppage of ovulation in woman and damage their reproductive parts.

Researchers have found that women who have less vitamin B12 will have more through miscarriages. It is a critically needed to maintain your fertility. Even after conceiving a child, women need to include the energy vitamin in her diet, as it helps in fetal development and avoids abnormalities during pregnancy.

It helps you build egg health and cures low sperm count, and issues related to ovulation. It boosts endometrium lining in egg fertilization. It affects estrogen level, which may lead to a condition called perinicious anemia.

Reasons behind decreasing vitamin B 12 intake for our body:

Excessive consumption of beverages caffeine like tea or coffee, alcohol, and sugary or fatty foods can reduce the amount of B12 present in your body. It is recommended that you have sufficient supply of vitamin to maintain the fertility health. Regular exercise and adequate sleep will surely help in retaining vitamins in your body. If you have any symptoms of deficiency, then it is suggested that you do not take it lightly and consult your doctor.

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