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Why Dry Orgasms Are Good For Men

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Achieving multiple orgasms is not everyone’s cup of tea. There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into mastering it. In order to achieve dry orgasms, you might first need to understand what dry orgasm is all about and how it can benefit you in the long run.

Introduction to Dry Orgasms

In medical terms, dry orgasm is a medical condition where a person reaches to the point of ejaculation but is not able to ejaculate his semen. If we talk in terms of male multiple orgasms, here you yourself are controlling the ejaculations. There are no obstructions blocking your sperm’s ejaculatory pathway.

Dry orgasms take a lot of time and effort. Over here your main goal is to achieve multiple orgasms, either by masturbation or sexual intercourse. The following points might prove to be useful at the time of achieving dry orgasms:

  • In the initial stages, bear in mind not to ejaculate as much as possible
  • Keep a time limit for practicing your dry orgasms
  • If you feel that you are about to lose control, then let it go

How the Different Types of Dry Orgasms Help Men

The different types of dry orgasms are as follows:

Non Ideal Dry Orgasms

  • Retro Ejaculation
  • Dribble Ejaculation
  • Partial Ejaculation

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Ideal Dry Orgasms

  • Perfect Dry Orgasms
  • Clean Dry Orgasms

Dribble Ejaculations – These orgasms are a result of when kegeling is not done properly. You might not have a strong grip on your kegel exercises which do not give you the strength to hold or stop your dry orgasms. The result as the name of the ejaculation suggests, would be your sperm coming out slowly resulting in normal ejaculation.

Partial Ejaculations – These types of ejaculations happen when half of the ejaculations get out through the penis and the other goes back into the bladder. Here the penis becomes flaccid and one might feel discomfort in getting erect or aroused.

Retro Ejaculations – This is a medical condition found in many men worldwide. Here the ejaculate flows back to the urethra and rests in the bladder, rather than becoming drained from the penis.

Simply Clean Orgasms – This is considered to be one of the good types of orgasms. Here everything depends in your technique, timing and control. Once you reach the point of ejaculation, you can either try to maintain it or release it slowly.

Perfect Dry Orgasms – If you have mastered the clean dry orgasm, then you might want to try out this method. This method requires a lot of practice and might take a lot of patience. Once you have mastered this method, you will achieve a rise in your libido levels.

Kegeling and Dry Orgasms

Kegeling is a great way to achieve dry orgasms. Kegeling is a form of exercise that helps you strengthen your pelvic muscles so that you have better control over your erections. In addition to having better control over erections, it also gives you more intense orgasms and sexual pleasure.

Last but least, achieving dry orgasms can pave the path for you to improve your sexual relations with your partner.

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