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List Of Spices And Herbs - The Best Solutions For Infertility And Impotency Problems

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Sex is considered as the foundation of any relationship, which is built on love and trust between the partners. As years pass on, the couples may lose their vigor in bedroom because of hormonal problems. This is caused by the lack of libido production in both males and females, for some reason like depression, alcoholism, stress and strains, smoking problems, etc.

There are many spices and herbs, which help you in getting back the dynamism in the bed and they are listed below.


Ginko is the medicine that is used to cure many issues like lack of memory, concentration problem, heavyweight problem, etc. Besides being a homeopathic solution, ginko has the capacity to enhance the blood flow to the main parts of the body.

The blood-circulating property of the spice can have a positive effect on the libido. The increased and healthy flow of blood to the reproductive system in turn boosts up the production of androgens and estrogens in males and females.

Cumin, Parsley and Chili Powder

Spicy food items are always rich in some hot spices like chili and cumin. Eating spicy food on daily basis can definitely boost ones libido. The chili, parsley and cumin has the chemical contents in their structural formula, which directly acts on libido producing tissues and boost up their work, two or three times faster than their regular speed.


This is a curry spice used mainly in the Indian cuisine. This herb is normally used by lactating women because of their tendency to boost the milk production by the mammary glands. The herb is also used as the best dietary supplement for people suffering from diabetes.


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The powder prepared from Gentiana lutea is mixed with water or any other supplements and is consumed as per the dosage prescribed by the practitioners. Gentian has the capacity to enhance the libido production and help the easy flow of body fluids to the genitals.

Kola Nut

The herb is rich in Xantines, a chemical compound, with the capacity to replenish the body energy. This is best suited for people suffering from fatigue and constant exhaustion. The chemicals also recover the defective tissue system responsible for the production of libido in the body.

Horny Goat Weed

This spice is rich in flavonoid icariin and polysaccharides. These two compounds play a key role in the production of androgens and spermatogenesis in animals. When it is consumed in the regular diet, it has the capacity to rejuvenate the healthy sperm production in males and healthy estrogen release in females.


The hormone that has the capacity to produce steroidal anti-inflammatory mediators like hydrocortisone is not easily produced in the human body without any inducing agents. Licorice acts as the inducing agent and helps the body to produce hydrocortisone naturally, which increases the sexual desire in both males and females.


This has the tendency to increase the intimacy between couples suffering from less sexual desire. It is normally used to treat infertility and impotency problems.

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