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Enhance And Retain Your Sperm Count Through Daily Life Activities

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Its true that a males reproductive system is not as complex as, of a female. Besides, in most of the cases causes of infertility in males isnt that complex.

A low sperm count has always been one of the most usual factors for infertility in men. Besides, its also a fact that mere few usual things of your daily life have been significantly posing this threat to your fertility. Hence, it better to know those, and to try to be safe on your part. After all who wishes to pay a visit to those fertility clinics and get the treatment?

Having Sex Neither Too Frequently nor With Too With Much of Gaps

It might come as a surprise to most of you, but yes if you are ejaculating too frequently, chances are high that it would adversely impact your sperm count. Yet, on the contrary, sperm production drastically enhances at the times of sexual activity. Hence, you need to have a balance, in-fact a proper control on the frequency of ejaculations.

As per the experts, one need not have ejaculations too frequently or with too much of gaps. As a matter of fact, abstaining from sex for more than ten days can also lead to a decline in the sperm count. Besides, its only about having sex, and even for masturbations the same rule applies. Since, what significantly matters is the frequency of your ejaculations and not the way how you do that.

One noteworthy point in this context is that most men need to know that orgasms and ejaculations are two different things. Besides, you can well enjoy the ecstasy of orgasm without necessarily shedding your loads. If that seem interesting to you, and you wish to know more about this, a little online research can be of great help. Anyways, the basic thing is learning to control your ejaculation, and enjoying till the point of no return.

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Giving Up Unhealthy Eating Habits and Lifestyle

The more and more of Vitamin C, zinc, and coenzyme Q 10 you have, the better it would be for your fertility. Needless to mention, you need to give up the harmful habits of smoking, too much alcohol use, substance consumption, marijuana, and even too much of coffee. Does that surprise you? Yes, too much of coffee consumption can be a threat to your fertility.

Above all, the hot saunas, steam bath, etc. are never advisable if you are concerned about your fertility. Since, a hot environment is always a great threat to sperm production, and hence to your fertility.

Are You Using Your Notebook On Your Lap Right Now?

Its a common practice these days. People use their laptops directly on their lap, without any idea that it can be really harmful to their fertility.

Again, its the heat that matters. When you have been using your notebook for long in your lap, your testicles get exposed to its heat. Hence, its advisable to use a mouse pad over your anatomy, or better to use a short laptop table for the purpose.

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