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Few Common Environmental Factors As Threats To Your Fertility

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All it needs is a little awareness on your part, and you can always avoid most of the problems and issues in your life. The same applies in context of your health too, especially in terms of your fertility. When you know the factors that can adversely affect your fertility, you can furnish a helping hand to your sperm. No doubt, thats really indispensable especially in the present scenario where there are a lot of environmental factors to lower your sperm count. Hence, you need to know theses common threats to your fertility.

Prolonged Bike Riding

Yes, it isnt a typing error. To add to that, its PROLONGED bike riding, and not mere bike riding.

While cycling or bike riding has always been entailed as a good habit that is really great for your health, too much of it can always have an adverse effect in your fertility. How? Its significantly through the pressure on your body from your bikes seat. Experts have revealed that such a pressure can damage a mans blood vessels and other nerves that are indispensable for attaining erections. To bring to your concern, especially too much mountain biking can be really harmful to your sperms.

Another point to note in this context is the size of the seat of your bike or cycle. Yes, even that plays a great role. Narrow bike seats might appear trendy or stylish, but do you know that these are more dangerous than the wider ones. Its true that the pressure that a wider seat puts on your scrotum is much lower as compared to a narrower seat.

Heavy Metals or Industrial Chemicals Exposure

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Chronic prolonged exposure to few heavy metals like cadmium, lead, arsenic etc. can adversely influence your sperm production and its health. To add to that, x-rays and radiation treatments can also have the same impact. Especially, any exposure to radiations is really harmful, and it wont be wrong to say that such a massive exposure can also result in permanent impotency.

When its mentioned, industrial chemicals, it specifically points to the prominent ones like herbicides, benzenes, painting materials, pesticides, etc. If you are exposed to one or more of these at your workplace, you need to make it sure that the exposure isnt too prolonged.

Over Exposure to Heat

Above all, its worth mentioning that frequent use of hot tubs, saunas, Jacuzzis, and most significantly laptop on ones lap, can always have the same impact. In the modern lifestyle, almost each one of these has become an integral part of most of the peoples daily-life. In a way or the other, they are exposed to one or more of these risky things, and hence its always advisable to be a little concerned about it.

As far as using your laptop on your cozy lap is concerned, yes it can be used on your lap for some-time. However then, a small laptop-table, especially the new trendy ones, wont cost you much. At least, not as much as losing your fertility.

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