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Why You Can Have Low Sperm Count Even Without Any Unhealthy Habit

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Often, most men like you who are reported with infertility issues, think of what did they do wrong on their part? Even after refraining from all those unhealthy habits and retaining a healthy lifestyle, all you get is a medical report that tags you as infertile. You might have never smoked, consumed drugs or too much of alcohol, yet this happened to you. Hence, the only question that might be killing you now is why?

Indeed, its quite unacceptable when you try your best to be on the safer side, yet you arent able to do so. However, the most important thing is, to know about those less known reasons that lead to low sperm count and other infertility issues. As a matter of fact, these are few of the most common things of your daily life. No wonder, most men dont bother about their harmful effects.

Before enlisting those prominent factors, its worth mentioning that exposure of your testicles to too much of heat can be really harmful to your fertility. Your sperm count gets lowered, and their health is also affected. That is one of the significant reasons as why nature preferred hanging your testicles outside your body.

That keeps it away from your bodys normal temperature, 98.6 degree F. That said, you need to know as how you might have been exposing your testicles to too much of heat in your daily life.

Saunas Hot Baths Etc.

None can deny that these can be really relaxing and unwinding, especially after a tiring day. Hence, most men prefer taking hot baths, steam baths etc. However, what they dont realize while having the fun is, these can have an adverse effect on their fertility.

While you enjoy a hot steam bath or sauna, you entire body including your testicles gets exposed to high temperature. Hence, that affects your sperm count and its health. Few moments of relaxation, this way, can be dangerous to your fertility.

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Being Seated On The Same Place For Too Long

Especially at your workplace, at times you need to be seated on the same chair for hours. Did you give it a thought that even this can be harmful to your fertility? Ok, thing is, when you remain seated at the same place for hours it gradually gets heated on the chairs surface. Hence, your testicle is then exposed to heat.

Its ok, you need to be seated at that same place during your working hours. However then, few minutes of break or a free walk to that coffee zone isnt too much to think about. Is It?

Wearing Tight Underpants

You feel more comfortable with those tight underpants. You stay free. However again, within hours the area around your testicles gets heated and you know it well how harmful that is to your fertility.

Hence, its always advisable to prefer loose boxers inside your trousers. Besides, you also need to prefer loose fitting clothes or even no clothes at all, while sleeping. That way, you are safer and would retain your fertility.

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