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Understanding Male Orgasm and How It’s Different from the Female Orgasm

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Although it may look easier enough, the male orgasm is quite complex experience and involves a number of steps in realty. Several organs, nerves, hormones and blood vessels all work together to give him that utmost sexual satisfaction. One of the main functions of male orgasm is ejaculation of the semen or sperm, but that is not the case for all men. Some men are able to experience orgasm without ejaculating the sperm.

Male Orgasm: The Research

Researches on male orgasm have started getting into focus in the past few years. The very first scientist to research human sexuality, Alfred Kinsey, completed his detailed study in the year 1950. According to Alfred, the human orgasm is "an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tension!" and there’s a lot more to understand about it.

Male Orgasm and Ejaculation Explained

Testosterone, the hormone created in testicles, is the main element that fuels the process of orgasm. Testicles produce millions of sperm on daily basis. The sperms are matured and are mixed into the protein rich, whitish liquid. This liquid fosters sperm, so that it can live for limited time even after the ejaculation. This liquid mixture of sperm and whitish fluid is called as semen, which is moved out of penis in orgasm.

During the sexual intercourse, when the man is about to get the orgasm, the penile muscles start to contract and pelvic thrusts starts becoming less voluntary to eject the semen. When the actual orgasm starts, blood pressure, heart rate and respiration tends to increase for that shorter period.

However, as said earlier, it’s not always necessary that male orgasm can only be achieved after the ejaculation. Male orgasm can also be achieved without ejaculation. Take a look at the following findings by researchers -

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  • Pre-adolescent people can experience the orgasm without ejaculating sperm.

  • Some men may not have ejaculation even after several seconds of orgasm.

  • Individuals that are inept of ejaculation can still experience the orgasm.

  • Some guys can have several ejaculations and can go even further to achieve orgasm.

Male orgasm: the Physical Experience

Orgasm in men is affected in both the physical and psychological aspects. Some people enjoy the focal experience and achieve the orgasm fully in genital area and scrotum. Some other individuals describe their orgasm as deep feelings of satisfaction that they can feel through their body. So here, it becomes a bit difficult to judge whether the feeling of orgasm is psychological or physical.

Some Notable Differences between Male Orgasm and Female Orgasm

The process of orgasm in men and women looks quite similar, but there are some notable differences between the two.

  • In the female orgasm, sperm is sucked towards the egg/ovum in the fallopian duct.

  • Oftentimes, women experience the orgasm for a bit longer time than men.

  • Usually females can rapidly return to orgasm following the initial orgasm.

Men are generally satisfied after one orgasm, but women are capable of having more than single orgasm without experiencing any loss in sexual arousal.

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