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Beware Of These Seven Sources of Sperm Killers

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The quality of your sperm depends on various things. It could be the food you eat, drinks that you regularly take, hot shower and many such things. Different chemicals that enter in your system can affect the quality of your sperm.

You must have heard that you may suffer from erectile dysfunction, if you ride a cycle that has narrow seat. Experts suggest that your sperm’s DNA can also be damaged for similar reasons. In addition to that, many other habits can also be responsible for your sperm damage. Also, there are plenty of harmful products available in the market that can be responsible for your sperm damage. Therefore, you will find huge crowds of men as well as women in various fertility clinics.

Mentioned below are seven most prominent sperm killers:

Cash register receipts

In every type of transaction that you make in the market, whether it is coffee shop, movie hall, gas filling station or grocery store, you end up taking cash receipt in your hand. Experts found that majority of these cash receipts are coated with certain chemicals that can affect your fertility and also responsible for heart disease as well.

Though it has not yet been proven that receipt handling can affect your fertility, it is advisable to be careful.

Canned food

According to many researches, canned foods generally contain certain amount of contamination due to its packaging. The coating of the metal can is the main reason for this contamination, which gets into the food too. Therefore, you must choose frozen food instead of canned ones.

Sex toys

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There are plenty of sex toys made of vinyl. These toys contain plastic and various other softening chemicals, which can cause many diseases including infertility. It is better to use green products, medical silicon e.g. we-vibe etc. You can also try glass dildo.

Toxic shower

Many people prefer to have shower with scented soaps, cleaners and shampoos. Vinyl shower curtains that release certain chemicals are also responsible for infertility. Use simple soap and shampoo, which are free from harmful chemicals. Avoid those personal care products, which have scents. Use hemp shower curtain in place of vinyl curtain.

Chemical-laced produce

These days, pesticides are very commonly used for killing pests and this can be one of the major reasons for the damage caused to your sperm count. Therefore, if you ever handle any pesticide or raw food item then it is essential that you must wash your hand regularly. You can even choose to eat organic food, as pesticides are not used to grow them.

Heated car seats

Many car drivers prefer to use heated car seats to keep themselves warm. If you sit on such seat for long duration then there is every chance that your sperm count will get affected. So instead of heated car seat, you must increase the temperature setting of your car.

Contaminated fish

You must avoid using banned chemicals like PCB to deal with contaminated fish.

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