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Few Facts That You Should Know About Male Infertility

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When a couple fails to have a baby even after one year of unprotected sex, people usually blame the woman. However, the fact is that male infertility can also be the potential cause of this problem, but very few people often think in this direction.

Let us understand that infertility problem is not just limited to women, male infertility is also partly responsible. Therefore, it is wrong to put all the blame on women. Instead of that, investigation should be done on men too. In fact, instead of blaming each other, it is better to consult doctors and both should get themselves checked thoroughly. There are many reasons for not conceiving and only a doctor can find out the reason after plenty of investigations.

Male Infertility is not a new concept

These days, most of the people are aware about male infertility. Plenty of researches have been conducted by medical experts regarding male infertility. It has been found that almost 30 per cent males are found to be infertile. However, many among the male population often do not visit doctors due to false pride within themselves. Therefore, male infertility often remains undetected.

Another problem is that there are no visible symptoms of male infertility. These things can only be detected after thorough investigation. Therefore, if you are a couple and interested to have your own child then you should not only get your women checked, but also be open to get yourself investigated through expert doctors.

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It is easier to detect male infertility

Another interesting thing to note is that female reproductive system is pretty complicated to investigate as compared to that of males. The main reason for male infertility is usually due to sperm count or some other kind of disorder in the sperm. Egg fertilization process usually takes place when a man’s semen gets into the woman’s vagina during sexual intercourse.

Only few of the semen cells will be able to fertilize the egg, so that women can get pregnant. Hence, if more number of sperm cells enters into vagina then there is greater chance that women can get pregnant. In order to fertilize the egg present in women, it is necessary that the sperm is of good quality, size and shape and also the sperm count and motility is also equally good.

If any of the above has got problem then it can be the cause of male infertility. In short, in order to cure male infertility men need to improve upon his sperm quality and sperm count as well.

The cause of male infertility

Male infertility may be due to certain environmental factors or health problem. Age of men can also be another factor. As the man grows old, his sperm quality goes down. According to experts after the age of 35, the sperm quality slowly deteriorates.

Lifestyle of men can also be responsible to certain extent. People who wear tight underwear, remain exposed to pesticide, electromagnetic emission, radioactive substances can also become infertile. People who drink alcohol or smoke too much can also face fertility problems.

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