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Does Semen Make Women Happy?

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Some questions sound funny but worth answering all the same. How the heck does semen make women happy – if at all it is true? It turns out, women who have sex constantly, or those who come into contact with semen on a regular basis, are said to be a lot happier compared to the ones who do not, or those who do it less frequently. According to a research study that appeared on Scientific America, semen contains natural antidepressant qualities.

Don’t get it twisted though. It is not the sperm that makes women happier, but rather the semen. This, therefore, means that it is not the ejaculate of your man that makes you happy and all glowing. It is suspected that, the chemicals that the semen travels are the secret behind your good moods. Even though it has not been verified yet, experts associate it with the serotonin present in the semen. Men should know that their balls naturally produce such an expensive chemical.

Two researchers, Rebecca Burch and Gordon Gallup sought to understand whether the biochemical makeup of semen is responsible for affecting a woman’s hormone when it is absorbed via the vagina.

First things first – we must appreciate that sperm is usually suspended in semen, and as a result, the vagina does not absorb it. Only three percent of the solution is sperm. The rest of the fluid contains over four dozens of other chemicals (top among them being serotonin). Serotonin is the primary neurotransmitter in popular antidepressants such as Paxil, Prozac Lexapro, and Zoloft. However, serotonin is not the only chemical that takes credit for a woman’s happiness. Other mood enhancing chemicals such as oxytocin, which have been linked to aspects such as social recognition, orgasm, anxiety reduction and maternal instincts, are also present.

Burch, Gallup and Steven Platek conducted a survey of approximately 300 young college women and determined their depression levels. By administering the standardized Beck depression inventory, the three researchers compared women who had no intercourse/used condoms and the ones who practiced unprotected sex.

The group of women whose vaginas were exposed to semen was happier compared to the ones who used condoms, and the ones who abstained. However, it is worth noting that even though the levels of depression of the women who did not use protection subsided significantly, they had a few symptoms here and there. While further research may be needed to confirm these findings or otherwise, women (who do not face the risk of becoming pregnant) in steady unions with partners free of sexually transmitted diseases have something to be happy about.

On the other hand, the plausible findings of the research do not give young women a reason to indulge in unsafe sex. We cannot ignore that highly absorptive nature of the vagina walls. Besides making it easy for the feel-good elements to penetrate, the absorptive properties put women at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Semen does your physical and mental health much good. It does not matter which way it enters your body – whether orally, or through unprotected sex. The chemical present in the semen helps to suppress depression, improve infection, and also help a woman to sleep better.

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