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5 Ways To Boost Your Sperm

In a hurry to increase your semen load?
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Different men seek sperm improvement for varying reasons. While one person’s primary goal may be to increase the volume of ejaculate (for confidence purposes), someone else might be struggling with cases of infertility. Many people are not aware of the significance role played by men when it comes to conception.

Most of the time, when a couple has difficulties conceiving, fingers are almost always pointed at the woman. At times though; the woman’s reproductive health is at its best. In such instances, the focus is then put on the man to check if everything is okay with him. Before you get to semen analysis and other male fertility tests, let us establish five ways for boosting your sperm.

They include:

  • Keep your weight in check – there are enough reasons why men are advised to maintain a healthy weight at all times. Besides having an impact on your overall body health, being overweight can decrease the quality of your sperm. Engage in regular physical exercises, eat right (stay clear of junk, sugar and processed foods). It will go along in bringing your BMI to healthy levels, and in turn, help you increase both sperm count and mobility.
  • Practice safe sex – sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and Chlamydia are well-known causes of infertility in men because they have adverse effects on your sperm quality. Besides using a condom in all your sexual escapades (unless you are in a monogamous relationship with a healthy partner), try to limit the number of sexual partners.
  • Proper stress management – stress is almost inevitable especially in the life we lead today. Pressures of all sorts emanate from all areas of our lives, and one is left wondering whether he can stay sober at all. If you have reached this point, find a way to strike a balance to avoid your stress levels from getting out of control. Apart from affecting your sexual function negatively, stress interferes with the hormones responsible for sperm production. For this reason, the issue of stress should be handled with urgency. Whatever you do, make sure that your stress levels are as low as possible and if possible, nonexistent.
  • Stay clear of cigarettes – if you are a habitual smoker, you might find it difficult to quit or even minimize intake at the beginning. However, you must note that the effort to do so is worthwhile. The sperm counts of smokers are said to be lower than that of non-smokers. Cigarette smoking is also said to have a negative impact on the mobility of your sperm, a problem that could lead to infertility. If you are determined to quit, your doctor will come in handy.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake – I know how unfortunate it can be when you hear that you will no longer consume as much alcohol as you have always done. Trust me though; it is all for a good cause. Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to decreased production of testosterone and sperm. It is also a major cause of impotence. If you must drink, ensure to moderate consumption.

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