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5 Yoga Poses To Increase Sperm Count

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So can yoga really help men increase their sperm count? Yes, indeed. This is because some yoga poses, or asanas, focus on pelvic floor muscles, as well as lower back and abdomen muscles. When these muscles are strengthened, blood flow and oxygen supply in the reproductive organs improve too.

That is not the only benefit yoga has on your body. By doing yoga on a daily basis, a person tends to become less stressed, and free radicals in the body is decreased. Releasing stress is one of the best ways to improve a man's sperm count. Breathing exercises such as Pranayama is one of the easiest yoga exercises to release stress and to feel at ease.

Here are five easy yoga poses that could help a man improve his sperm count:

Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

Sit comfortably on a yoga mat with your legs straightened in front of you, while making sure your spine is erect. Next, cross your right leg and rest your right foot on your left upper thigh. Let the opposite leg mirror the movement, resting your left foot on your left thigh. While keeping the head straight and the spine erect, place your hands on your knees and begin to have long and deep breaths

Sitting Half Spinal Twist Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

Beginning with a seated pose with your legs straight forward, take the right leg and place your right food on the outside of your left knee, while bending the left leg in and facing the back. Place the left hand on the right knee and the right hand can rest behind you. Twist your waist and let the rest of your upper body follow, looking towards the back space. Hold the twist for 20 to 30 seconds while breathing deeply. Do the same thing with the other side.

Plow Pose (Halasana)

Firstly, lie flat on your back, with your hands on your sides, facing down. While keeping your head down, raise both legs to 90 degrees as you inhale. Continue to bring both legs down to the top of your head, making sure your knees are straight. If you are flexible enough, try to touch the ground with your feet flexed. Hold and breathe normally. Slowly bring your feet down to the floor, while ensuring that your head and your hands stay firm on the ground. Repeat this exercise a few times.

Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)

Begin by sitting straight on a yoga mat. Bend the left leg inward until your right butt rests on it, and follow the movement with your right leg. Now place your left hand on your back as if you are trying to reach something, and try to reach it with your other hand as it goes over your head. Let your fingers meet or try and hold on to your wrist with your other hand. Hold an take a couple of deep breaths.

Belly Flipping (Agnisar Kriya)

Stand with your feet apart, and place both hands on the knees, bending your upper body forward. Completely exhale, hold your breath, and pull your stomach in as deep as you can, towards your spine. Release the stomach, loosening your belly. Repeat this pumping action several times. Relax and breathe normally.

These exercises will stretch the muscles on the upper and lower body while strengthening them. Doing this often will definitely help improve sperm count, and increases sex drive too.

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