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Sperm: 5 Interesting Facts Everyone Should Know

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We all know what sperm cell is. It is what fertilizes an egg cell so that a couple could conceive a baby, and that there are millions of these cells in a man’s body. But there are a lot of things that people do not know about it, and it is not just some kind of bodily fluid that men need to release from time to time. Below are some interesting facts that you may never even have heard of.

Semen contains so much vitamins and nutrients. Some of these include calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, vitamin B12 and vitamin C. Semen is even packed with as much protein as an egg white. Having said that, it is actually healthy for women to swallow it. Another source states that semen can alleviate depression as it contains the chemical spermophagia, which is supposed to promote happiness. Oh, and it only contains 20 calories if that is what you are concerned of.

Healthy sperm comes from a healthy diet. Do not expect your body to produce healthy sperm every time it is replenishing what had just been released during your last sexual encounter. For you to have healthy sperm, you need to make sure that you have a healthy diet and lifestyle too. Always drink plenty of fluids, include lots of lean beef, bananas, and nuts in your diet to produce sperm of good quality.

Sperm cells can live up to five days inside a vagina. Bat sperm has a life span of about 145 days, and when it enters a woman’s vagina, it only has 24 to 48 hours to do its main job. The more acidic the vagina of the woman is, the longer the sperm can live in it. But did you know that it takes a little over two months for the testes to reproduce sperm?

More than 50% of your sperm cells are abnormal. When sperm cells are born, they are not like soldiers in uniform. Instead, they look different from one another. Some of the cells might have two tails, while the others might have two heads. Some may be bigger in size, while others can be minute. The others may not even have a straight tail. And 90 percent of the time, sperm cells that are ejaculated are abnormal or deformed.

Sperm cells live in the cold, and die in hot weather. You probably did not know that your body produces more sperm in the cooler months of the year. The reason why sperm lives in the scrotum is also because it is a few degrees colder than your body’s normal temperature. In contrast, they dislike the hot weather and tend to die when your scrotum is exposed to too much heat. When men wear tight fitting underwear, their testicles suffer from “scrotal hyperthermia”.

These are just five odd things that not many people know about sperm. There are actually a lot more to discuss out there like the fact that some women are allergic to semen, that it can be used in cosmetics, and the idea that wireless technology can kill sperm.

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