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7 Ways To Boost Your Sperm

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Should a man worry if he is not producing a lot of sperm? Yes, because sperm health is an indication of his overall health too. In other words, a man with poor sperm health probably has other health conditions going on in his body that he might not be aware of.

If a man does not have healthy sperm health, there is a higher rate of infertility and miscarriage for the woman. Healthy sperm also reduces the chance of having chromosomal abnormalities. For you to be able to distinguish whether you have healthy sperm health, you can take sperm quality tests. Some tests you might want to consider are intestinal permeability test and salivary cortisol test.

A healthy lifestyle equals good sperm health. And below are some things that you could practice to boost your sperm count.

Improve your diet. The best thing you could do is to avoid processed and fatty foods. To increase your sperm count, it is best to reduce your consumption of fatty foods. Instead, make it a point to have a diet that is high in protein, vegetables and whole grains. Ideally, men should add lean meat to every meal, along with different colored vegetables to increase zinc and antioxidants in the body. Apart from that, men should avoid foods that are high in sugar or fructose.

Drink lots of water. Keeping your body hydrated is one of the best things you could do for your body. It will flush out toxins in your system, and it will give you a healthier sperm count too. Make it a point to drink at least two liters of water daily.

Stay away from cigarette smoking. This is one vital thing that men should avoid, as it contains chemicals that could affect your body and your sperm count. Those who quit smoking reported that they noticed an improvement in sperm health 3 months after quitting. It is not just cigarettes that affect the production of sperm, but also recreational drugs like marijuana.

Avoid getting stressed. Stress lowers your immune system and increases the number of free radicals in the body. When that happens, sperm cells tend to decrease since blood flow is affected, and also because not enough nutrients get transported to the sex organs.

Don’t constrict your balls. Wearing pants that are too tight, or sitting on a bike for hours tend to increase the temperature of your testicles. When it gets too hot down there, sperm production tends to slow down. Also, make sure not to take hot baths too often, and avoid putting your computer on your lap too.

Take natural supplements. There are a lot of supplements that can help your body boost its sperm count. Look out for ingredients like L-carnitine, folic acid, zinc, L-arganine, Vitamin E, and Selenium. These compounds have been scientifically proven to increase the sperm count.

Sleep. Getting sufficient amount of sleep, that is 6 - 8 hours every night, not only will make your brain function better, but it will prevent hormonal imbalances that affect the production of sperm. Therefore, more sleep equals more sperm.

One important thing you should know is that the body takes 90 days to completely replenish the sperm in your body, so don’t expect that living a healthier lifestyle for a week will give you results right away.

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