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Give Yourself A Fish Treat In Order To Increase Sperm Count

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Couples who are planning to conceive must ensure that the reproductive organs of both the man and the woman are in healthy condition. Not only will that make this easier for the woman to get pregnant, there is also a higher chance for the baby to come out healthy.

During reproduction, the most important factors are the sperm cell and the egg cell. But as a man, how would you know if you have healthy sperm? Healthy sperm needs to be thick in consistency, and has a pearly white colour. Sperm that is too thin and watery or clumpy is a sign of unhealthy sperm. When men ejaculate, every millimeter of sperm must contain about 15 million cells, and these have to have normal size, structure, and motility.

Before everything, you have to understand the anatomy of a sperm. Normal sperm has a cap like structure that surrounds the anterior part of the sperm head. This is where the enzymes that help penetrate the egg are found. And the most vital ingredient that is needed in the development of this cap is omega 3 fatty acids - a particular one called docosahexaernoic acid (DHA).

Did you know that when you consume fish, the omega 3 fatty acids in it not only improves the health of your brain and your bones, but also has a direct effect on your sperm health? Studies show that men who eat more fish report to have an increase in sperm count by as much as 65 percent.

That is not all, the effect that fish has on your body seems almost immediate. The best fishes to include in your diet would be the fatty ones according to researchers. Though lean tuna may be great to keep gym buffs lean, it will not do wonders to your sperm like fatty fishes do. In fact, fatty fish has a better effect on sperm health compared to some meats.

These results were found in some studies that were carried out in Harvard School of Public Health where 150 men were evaluated. Sperm samples were collected from the men and they were asked to complete questionnaires about their diet. Another thing that was discovered from these studies is that men who eat a lot of processed meats, had the worst sperm health, while those who include fish in their diet had the healthiest sperm.

Without DHA, sperm cells will not be able to penetrate egg cells. This is amazing news for sushi lovers! The best fishes for a man’s reproductive system include salmon, halibut, cod, and tilapia. Adding these to your diet at least twice or thrice a week will give you noticeable results. Not only do these fish help men produce more sperm, they also have other health benefits that are related to the brain and cardiovascular health.

It is not just about adding these foods to your diet, it is also important for you to cut down on food that can lower the quality of your semen, including processed meats, fried foods, and foods high in saturated fats.

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