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How To Increase Sperm Volume?

In a hurry to increase your semen load?
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Do you ever wonder what the normal sperm volume is? There have been several studies on this matter and apparently, semen volume can range from 0.8ml to 7.6ml, with the average volume of 3ml to 5ml. As a man gets old, sperm volume tends to decrease, but the peak age where men produce the most sperm volume is between 30 to 35 years old. It is important for men to know that sperm volume does not affect sexual pleasure, nor does it affect a person’s overall masculinity.

Just like Kegel exercises, men should try some PC muscle exercises if they want to have more stamina in bed, while increasing sperm volume. The pubococcygeus muscle is a very important muscle for efficient genital function, helping improve sexual performance. Many of these exercises can be found online and won’t take much time to do.

Bodybuilders often inject steroids in their body so that their muscles would get bigger and bulkier, but what they do not know is that this can actually make their testicles shrink. And smaller testicles could affect sperm volume, so the best thing to do is to avoid taking steroids and perhaps eat more protein instead.

Always make sure that you are not overweight or underweight, as this can directly affect your hormones. And hormones affect testosterone levels, which is vital in sperm production, so always make sure to squeeze in some exercise every day.

A lot of people enjoy going around the city on a bike. However, too much time spent sitting on a bicycle seat is unhealthy for your testicles, and it reduces sperm count too. This is because there are a lot of movement going on down there, at the same time, the bicycle seat puts pressure on your balls. Therefore, it might be better to just walk or take the car, that is if you want to keep your sperm volume high.

One thing that you might not expect to affect your sperm is lubricants. Though this can make it easier to penetrate, lubricants including jellies and saliva tend to disrupt the natural movement of sperm. In other words, lubricants can harm your sperm. But if you really need some wetness during sex, you might want to opt for natural oils like peanut or vegetable oil.

Besides all that, there are certain foods that will help your body increase sperm volume. For instance, dark chocolate. Not only does dark chocolate release feel good chemicals in your brain that will make you have a more intense orgasm during sex, it also contains the amino acid L-Arginine, which is vital for the production of sperm. But make sure to limit your intake as you don’t want to gain weight from all the chocolate you are eating.

Oysters are also one of the best aphrodisiacs out there as it is packed with minerals such as zinc. Zinc is essential in sperm production, while increasing testosterone levels. And as you know, testosterone boosts a person’s desire to have sex.

Another food that men can benefit from are bananas. Apart from the B vitamins it contains that increase our body’s energy and stamina, there is an enzyme in bananas called bromelain, which helps increase the male sex drive.

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