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5 Signs Your Semen Is Healthy And Strong

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When a man ejaculates, he releases a viscous whitish-gray substance known as semen. Besides sperm (which is just a slight percentage), semen contains numerous other components whose purpose is to ensure the health, as well as the fertilization of the egg by the sperm. The sole purpose of semen is to allow the transportation of sperm to the female reproductive system. Semen contains more than 200 types of minerals, proteins, and vitamins. The amount of each element in every ejaculate varies from one man to another depending on his age, weight, dietary habits, and other lifestyle habits.

On average, a man releases approximately 2-5 milliliters of semen per ejaculation, which is equivalent to a third of a teaspoon. Each ejaculate carries about 40-600 million sperm. The absolute figure is dictated by the volume of the semen as well as the time span since the last release. Now that you know a little about semen lets establish five telltale signs that you have healthy and strong semen.

You don’t drink alcohol

One of the reasons men are advised to take booze in moderation is because of the effect it has on their reproductive health. Alcohol is known to hurt the quality of your semen. It also decreases the production of testosterone which eventually causes impotence.

Cigarette smoking is not your thing

According to a research study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information website, more than 1/3 of the world’s male population smoke some form of tobacco. Unfortunately, connections have been established between smoking and a wide array of adverse health problems including respiratory disease, heart conditions, and cancer of the bladder, cervix, lungs, pancreas, and kidney among many other health challenges. Apparently, cigarette also interferes with the user’s reproductive health. Besides affecting the DNA transported by the semen, cigarette smoking also lowers your sperm count significantly. In that case, if you don’t smoke, the chances are that your semen is healthy and strong.

You have been watching your weight

Too much weight or obesity is usually associated with excessive production of estrogen. Overweight people tend to have significantly lower sperm counts compared to men who keep their weight in check. Obesity also interferes negatively with your testicular functioning. If you have had to replace your pants with bigger sizes, consider hitting the gym to shed off those extra pounds – especially around the waistline.

You have been watching your diet

A lot of men do not know the role played by their diet in ensuring strong and healthy semen. For starters, you need to include a considerable share of vegetables and fruits in your diet. You are also advised to eat healthy fats, avoid caffeinated drinks, and drink enough water everyday. It doesn’t hurt to go an extra mile to guarantee healthier sperms. Include foods such as broccoli, oysters, dark chocolate, walnuts, asparagus, and garlic. These foods are known to improve the various traits of your semen.

The physical appearance of your semen looks fine

Have you ever thought of inspecting your semen? You should form a habit of doing so every once in a while. Normal semen is whitish-gray in color and smells like chlorine. Do not be alarmed if it has a yellow tint as this happens especially in men who are a bit older. Approximately 30 minutes after ejaculation, healthy semen is expected to liquefy.

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