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Age Affects Men’s Sperm Quality And Volume

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Typically, each and every couple adores being fertile. Fertility makes it possible for couples desiring to raise children to make their dreams come true. However, a problem arises when a man begins to grow older. A couple may find it difficult to make a baby at an older age. Since making a baby greatly depends on the quality and volume of sperm a man produces, a decrease in these factors can significantly inhibit fertilization. A question arises as to whether or not age affects men’s sperm quality and volume.

A particular study on human reproduction published in February 2003 in the Oxford Academic assessing “the association of age and semen quality in healthy men” tends to reveal the truth behind the claim that age affects the quality and volume of sperm. In this study, a sample of 97 men aged between 22 and 80 years, who are non-smokers and free of fertility problems was taken from a national government laboratory. These men supplied their semen samples as well as information relating to diet, lifestyle, occupation and medical details. The researchers measured the sperm concentration (×106/ml), motility (%), total sperm count (×106) and the total progressive motile sperm count (×106).

After modifying for covariates, motility decreased by 0.7% annually, semen volume reduced by 0.03 ml with every year of age, progressive motility reduced by 3.1% annually and the total progressively motile sperm count reduced by 4.7% annually. Generally, there was a suggested reduction in the sperm count and concentration. As men aged, the proportion of men having an abnormal volume, motility, and concentration increased considerably.

Following the study above, it was concluded that in a convenience sample of the healthy men from a non-clinical setting, the volume of semen and mortality of sperm reduced continuously from ages 22 to 80 years without giving any threshold evidence.

Though many studies do not reveal why the sperm quality and volume tend to decrease as a man ages, one can easily deduce that aging reduces the production of hormones. As a man grows old, the level of testosterone hormone reduces in his body due to reduced hormone production.

This is why some men tend to have sexual issues during their old age. Testosterone plays a greater role in a man’s sexual and reproductive life and any reduction in the hormone can affect the reproductive and sexual response adversely.

Since the issue of age is uncontrollable, men need to accept the fact that they are likely to face the problem of low sperm quality and volume in some years to come. For those men who are already experiencing the issue with their sperm, there are various ways of combating this issue. A lot of foods that help increase the sperm count are available.

Some of the foods that can help you boost your sperm quality and volume include bananas, spinach, dark chocolate, eggs, broccoli, asparagus, garlic, walnuts, pomegranates and zinc rich foods. In order to reduce the chances of suffering from a reduced sperm quality and volume assuming aging is not a contributing issue for the dwindled fertility, you should always avoid high-pesticide residue vegetables and fruits. As an alternative, consider going for those that contain a very low amount of pesticide residue.

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