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Things You Can Do/Avoid In Order To Increase Your Sperm Count: Bike Less

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From recent studies, it was found that when you bike frequently, like on professional levels, you will affect the quality of your sperms. For instance, the shape of the sperms including the body, head and tail will change. Most athletes who cycle frequently tend to have a less sperm count than other athletes. What this means is; the more you cycle the less the sperm count.

In Colorado, most couples who are experiencing infertility problems think that cycling may be one of the reasons for this. Infertility doesn’t mean that the sperm count is always low. However, infertility might imply that the quality of sperms produced in the male reproductive system is so poor such that they are incapable of fertilizing an egg. Therefore, most couples who are trying to conceive should consider putting a break in their cyclic routine.

Currently, there is very little evidence that the poor quality sperms which are as a result of cycling have an impact on fertility. Unfortunately, most of the studies which have been conducted involved the elite athletes. One study which conducted in South Africa provided evidence that excessive cycling affected the morphology of the human sperms. Ten men who were long distance cyclers were the subjects. Their sperm samples revealed that there was a decrease in appearance of the sperms in comparison to the sperms from normal men.

To support this research, there was another 10 yearlong study which conducted in Boston in which 2261 men from all walks of life provided over 4500 sperm samples. The researchers compared some of the sperm parameters to the level of exercise. Some of the parameters at hand were the sperm motility (how the sperms swim), sperm morphology (the appearance of sperms) and the sperm density (the number of sperms per millimeter). The outcomes of this study were that men who cycled for more than 5 hours per week had less sperm count than the sedentary men or those who were doing other kinds of exercise. The most fascinating thing in this research was that the sperm count was not affected by patient’s weight or age.

Does this mean that we should stop cycling?

No, this doesn’t imply that we should stop our cycling exercises. Instead, we should change our cycling routine:

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  • It has been found that working out may have an impact on the hormonal behavior in men. For instance, it has been found that excess cycling reduces the amount of testosterone produced hence a lower sperm count.

  • Secondly, it has been found that long distance cyclers tend to accumulate a larger percentage of their weight in their perineal body area between the testis and the rectum. This affects the amount of blood which flows to the testis hence a lower sperm count.

  • In addition, an impact on the perineal area is known to have an impact on the sexual function. For instance, long distance cyclers have genital numbing hence there is an erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, you may use a bicycle position which reduces the pressure impacted on your perineal and testicular region.

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