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Things You Can Do/Avoid In Order To Increase Your Sperm Count: Don’t Worry About Masturbation

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They say that regular sex boosts the sperm count in men. However, there are some mixed reviews on whether masturbation will increase the sperm count. Some studies show that masturbation increases the sperm count while others are against this motion. In short, the only thing which you should be concerned about is porn addiction.

Currently, there are many unanswered questions on whether male masturbation will increase the sperm count or improve the male fertility. Most women tend to wonder if masturbation will reduce the sperm count or whether their spouses should limit their masturbation.

Most of the studies which have been conducted in the past regarding this topic have brought in mixed results in that there is some data on both the positive and negative sides. Some of the studies have supported that male masturbation decreases the sperm count hence making it harder for the woman to conceive during sex. If we follow these studies, we should stay away from masturbation so as to improve fertility. On the other hand, there are many studies which suggest that male masturbation improves the sperm quality hence the fertility.

A wide majority of the researchers and experts agree that we cannot directly relate or link male masturbation to a decrease in sperm production. This is simply because, the male body produces sperms in a staggering rate – not constant rate of production. It is obvious that you cannot be pregnant from masturbation hence you should engage in sexual intercourse when you are ovulating. To the women, if you have a feeling that masturbation will reduce your chances of getting pregnant you should ask your man to refrain from it a few days before having sex. This will enable him accumulate enough sperms for your eggs.

Masturbation in men is one of the least things to worry about when it comes to fertility. You should focus on other factors such as stress and anxiety which can have a negative impact on a man’s fertility. In addition, you should know that the male reproductive system is able to produce sperms very quickly. Therefore, if there is any loss of sperms during masturbation, the body will easily recover them. This means that you will always have the same chances of getting pregnant whether your man masturbates or not.

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Why should we avoid porn?

In order for you to masturbate, you should have access to porn. However, there are some risks to this as you might get addicted to porn. Here are some of the dangers of getting addicted to porn:

  • You will become lazy. This means that you will not be willing to go and woo a woman romantically. Instead you will satisfy your needs through masturbation.

  • You will find porn more stimulating than actual sex hence you will reduce your chances of conceiving your partner.

  • You might get an erectile dysfunction. This is bad for fertility.

  • You will find women more attractive. Porn stars are usually very hot and sexy and this might stimulate you more than your spouse.

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