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Things You Can Do/Avoid In Order To Increase Your Sperm Count: Have More Sex

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Men love sex and sex loves men. Let me give you some good news. Are you ready? It has been foundthat having sex frequently increases the sperm count in men. There is no bad strategy as saving your sperms for the time that awoman is more fertile. Studies have shown that if you abstain from sex for more than a day, you will have a less sperm count than men who have sex on daily basis. Having sex will never make you impotent and you should enjoy your sex.

The latest research has suggested that daily sex can improve the genetic quality of a man’s sperm and hence improving the chances of conceiving. This is why most couples who are trying to conceive a childare advised to have regular sex to enable the man’s sperm countto recover. However, some scientists in Australia have discovered that to some men, regular sex might lower the fertility. Thisis because when a man ejaculates very frequently the sperm quality and quantity might get damaged. This is why you should abstain from sex for a few days.

In contrast, a study conducted in Sydney IVF has found that by having daily sex for a period of one week will improve the genetic quality of sperms withoutlowering the sperm counts. The scientists who conducted this test are yet to determine whether this will affect the pregnancy rates.

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The team leader of the research known as DR DavidGreening said that couples who have sex on daily basis when thewoman is most fertile have high chances of conceiving. This could also have an impact on couples who are using the IVF.

In most cases, men are usually advised to abstain from ejaculation for a period of three days before they can provide semen samples used to fertilize their partner’s eggs. It has also been found that a majority of the couples who are going through IVF donot have regular sex. However, you might consider having sex regularly during this period.

If a man goes for a period of time without ejaculating, the number of sperms which are stored in the epididymis at the top of the testicles will tend to increase. This is why you will be advised to have sex after two tothree days when you are trying to conceive. However, you shouldknow that the longer the sperm stays in the epididymis, the more the genetic damage it experiences. This damage is due to the heat and oxygen radicals which may come in contact with the stored sperms. By ejaculating frequently, you will be emptying your sperm reservoir hence new sperms will be produced to fill it. Guess what, the newly produced sperms will always have a better andimproved genetic quality.

From the above discussion, we should ensure that we enjoy our sexual experiences and when weare trying to conceive, it is best to give a 2 day break period. This will increase the sperm count.

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