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Things You Can Do/Avoid In Order To Increase Your Sperm Count: Lose The Super Tight Undies

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The testicles are usually located or positioned in a location where their temperature will be lower than that of the body. Therefore, for optimum production of sperms the temperature of the testicles should be lower than that of the body. You should know by just rising the temperature of your scrotum by very few degrees you might damage the DNA or structure of the sperms. This imposes a negative effect on the sperm count. Hence, if you hold your testicles very close to your body you will raise the temperatures to higher levels hence hurting the sperm count. You should get rid of the super tight boxers or under wears to ensure that your sperm count doesn’t depreciate.

It has been found that about 50% of couples with fertility problems have the issue of low sperm count. Scientists have many complex and expensive methods of dealing with this problem. However, in some cases, you might simply increase your sperm count by changing the kind of under wear you are using.

As stated above, the temperature of the testicles is very sensitive. This means that it should always be lower than the temperature of the body. This is the reason why they are usually hanging outside the body. Testicles were made to be out in the breeze. To be proper ventilated. Personally, I think that the pubic hair on the testicles is supposed to increase the surface area of cooling.

It has been found that testicles can overheat if a man wears very tight undies. Tight undies will make the testicles come in contact with the body and this will raise their temperature. By raising the temperature of testicles above normal by just several degrees will have a negative impact in sperm count. It takes 10 to 11 weeks for the sperms to be produced and if you wear tight boxers when going out on a date, this will have an impact on your sperms for the next 10 or 11 weeks.

How can we keep our testes at optimal temperature?

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The only trick is simply knowing how to keep the temperature of the testicles lower than that of the core body. The following might help you out:

  • Avoid tight pants at all costs. This should be best especially when you are in sports activities where you will be generating a lot of heat. In addition, you should wear loos clothing when you are going to sit down for long periods of time.

  • Make use of the boxers instead of using the tight pants. Boxers will not be effective if you wear tight pants under them.

  • Stay away from hot tubs and Jacuzzis. It has been proved that long exposure to wet heat reduces the sperm count.

When you are at home with your spouse, you should lose your pants or boxers. This will keep the temperature of testicles cooler. In addition, it might turn her on and you will really like it. In conclusion, high temperatures are not good for testicles.

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