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Things You Can Do/Avoid In Order To Increase Your Sperm Count: Lose Weight

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Studies have shown that men who have a BMI of over 30 or who are considered obese have a lower sperm count and at times they are infertile. This is why you should always exercise at your free time instead of pumping yourself with fatty foods while watching TV for more than 20 hours per week.

Over the past 30 years, instances of male obesity have tripled. This is probably because there is a great improvement in technology in comparison to the other ‘stone age’ years. For instance, people used to go hunting to get meat in the past, but nowadays, meat is just on your local stores. Currently, there is some evidence that obesity has a negative impact on the male reproductive system. It does so by altering the physical and molecular composition of the germ cell. The germ cell is responsible for development of the human sperms. In addition, studies have shown that obesity leads to impairing of metabolism and reproductive health of the offspring. The most interesting thing is that the molecular profile from obese males is altered with changes to epigenetic modifiers.

There are 1.6 billion adults who are considered as overweight and 400 million are classified as obese. Obesity is one of the world’s biggest epidemic as it is a major source of most of the diseases in humans. It is also the one of the reasons why most couples are seeking artificial reproductive technologies. The answer to this is that obesity causes an alteration in the molecular and physical structure of the germ cells in the testis and also the morphology of the mature sperm.

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Did you know that any genetic disorders can be transferred from parent to child via the sperms? It is also important to know that the paternal health cues which are as a result of obesity can be passed to the next generation. This is why you will find that most children are obese at a tender age and this in turn increases their chances of getting diabetes.

Studies which have been conducted in the past 10 years have shown that maternal obesity is directly related to the changes in oocyte which has a negative impact in embryo development. This is known to reduce the subsequent pregnancy establishment after in vitro fertilization. Couples in which there is a male obese and female partner with normal BMI have increased odds ratio for increased time to conceive in comparison to partners who have normal male partners. This implies that male obesity decreases the chances of getting pregnant. There are also some embryology based findings which proved that male obesity impairs the embryo health during conception hence reducing the implantation and live birth rates.

Obesity is also known to interfere with some of the sperm parameters such as motility, concentration and morphology. Obesity is known to reduce the sperm concentration and this in turn reduces the chances of fertilization. Therefore, we as men should try our best to fight obesity if we wish not only to father but also to give rise to a stronger generation.

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