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Things You Can Do/Avoid In Order To Increase Your Sperm Count: Watch Less TV

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I must confess that some of the movies, series and sports broadcasted via the television are fun and interesting to watch, especially the series which will often leave us with some suspense. Even though we might be enjoying watching TV, we might consider reducing the amount of hours we spend on it. This is because some studies have shown that men who watch TV for more than 20 hours per week tend to have less sperm count than those who didn’t watch TV at all. This means that we need to watch TV for a period less than a day if we wish to increase our sperm count.

For some time now we have known that watching too much TV might kill you sooner than you expected. Harvard University revealed that watching excess TV can reduce the sperm count in men. The outcomes of the study were that men who spent more than 20 hours per week on TV had 44% less sperm count than those who didn’t watch TV at all.

The study was not entirely focused on the effect of TV only on sperm production. It also involved examining the effect which exercises have on sperm count. The findings were that the sperm count of men who exercised for more than 5 hours per week had 75% higher the sperm count of men who did less or no exercises. Therefore, you should continue lifting those weights.

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The study which was conducted to support this theory was conducted on 189 men who lived in Rochester, New York. The subjects were aged between 18 and 22 years. The subjects told the researchers on their TV, tobacco, eating and exercise routines per week. Their semen were then collected and analyzed between 2009 and 2010.

The outcomes of the study showed that sedentary men had a slightly higher sperm count than those who had excess hours on TV, tobacco, exercises and poor diet. A TV has a tube which is known to emit radiation rays. These rays have a negative impact on the production and quality of the sperms. For instance, the shape of the sperms may be altered negatively hence causing poor motility and fertilization capabilities. In addition, it has been known that excessive smoking of tobacco alters the behavior of sperms.

In some cases, the chemicals present in tobacco excite the sperms to swim very fast at the beginning. Sperms are supposed to swim vigorously when they are approaching the egg, if the reverse happens the sperm burns out before reaching the egg. When it comes to exercise, you should only do moderate exercising and in the proper manner. For instance, if you are a long distance cycler, it is best to bike in a posture which doesn’t put too much weight on the perineal and testicular region. If there is excess pressure on such regions, the blood flow to the testis may reduce hence low sperm production levels. Lastly, you should ensure that you are taking in a well-balanced diet. Avoid too much meat and dairy products. Instead go for fruits and veigies.

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