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Things You Can Do/Avoid In Order To Increase Your Sperm Count: Watch Out For Hot Baths And Hot Tubs

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Everyone, including myself, loves hot baths and hot tubs especially when the temperatures are chilly. However, there is a reason as to why we should be cautious about these hot baths. First, you should know that excessive temperatures are not very friendly to your testicles. Secondly, by just staying for half an hour in a hot tab or bath in water which has 102 F temperature level or higher, you will be reducing your sperm count. Going way back to the 50’s, studies showed that men who spent more than 30 minutes in hot baths for three times per week became infertile within a period of six months. In addition to this, a recent study showed that men who cut off their hot baths increased their sperm count by 491%.

The infertility which arises from exposure to hot tubs and hot baths can be sometime reversible. This was concluded from a study which was conducted in University of California by an urologist. The study was conducted through a period of three years on men who had been infertile due to exposure to hot baths. The wet heat exposure is known to have a negative impact on male infertility. This was stated by the study team leader who is a professor at UCSF department of Urology.

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In addition to this, dry heat exposure which may come from fevers of direct heat exposure to testicles has proved to be a cause of impaired sperm production in both humans and animals. In addition to this, a study showed that wet heat exposure to the body leads to poor sperm production and impaired sperm motility. The good news is that 50% of the men who were infertile due to the wet heat exposure became fertile once they stooped this practice.

In America, 7% of couples tend to have problems in conceiving a child natural within one year. This information was from the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth, the latest data available to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the American Society, 30% of those are attributed to men, 30% to females while the rest are due to other natural causes. The ASRM estimates that 85%-90% of these cases can be treated surgically or through drug treatment. Why go through all these expenses while you can conceive naturally? The only sacrifice will only require you to stop using the hot baths frequently.

The researchers advised men who wished to conceive to treat their body like a temple. This can easily be done by eating well, getting enough sleep and generally taking good care of yourself. There was a study which was conducted in which 11 infertile men were asked to stop taking the hot baths. Amazingly, 5 of these men showed an increase in sperm count after a period of three months. The other 6 who didn’t show any change in sperm production or motility were exposed to tobacco. Therefore, we should avoid the hot baths if we want to increase our sperm count.

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