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Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count: Move Your Cell Phone

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Cell phones use electromagnetic waves to transmit data. These electromagnetic waves are known to emit radiation. This means that by keeping your cell phone on your pocket you will be exposing your testicles to the harmful radiation waves which reduce the sperm count. Tim Ferries who has been conducting the impact of cell phones to the sperm count stated that by keeping his cell phone on his armband has increased his sperm count. You may get more information by reading through his book, The Four Hour Body.

Most of the studies which have been conducted in the past prove that diet, exercise and the drugs we use have an impact on the sperm count in our bodies. Some of the studies stated that cell phones are also toxic to the male reproduction system. Due to the advancement in technology, everyone is probably owning a cell phone and the landlines are becoming outdated. Cell phones are also linked to brain cancer from the previous studies which have been conducted in the past. However, brain cancer is not very common and unless you stay on your phone for very long periods of time during the day, you will not be a victim of such.

This doesn’t mean that cell phones are off the hook. Scientists claim that the electromagnetic waves tend to have an impact on certain physiological parameters of the human sperms. The scientists took a look at the sperm count which includes the number of sperms per ejaculation, the sperm motility and sperm morphology. Sperm motility is the ability of the sperm to swim in the direction of the egg hence inducing fertilization while the morphology refers to the physical appearance of the sperm.

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Over the past few years, cell phones have been the awesome hip-holster in most developed countries. However, there has been a drastic reduction in sperm count in these countries. Why? Is it because of the increased use of cellphones? The major cause of this are the endocrine-disrupting chemicals which have an impact on male fertility. However, placing an electromagnetic wave emitting device near your testicles may have an impact on your sperm count.

The Tests

The studies to prove whether or not cell phones have a negative impact on male reproductive system have been conducted on animals. The testicles of rabbits and rats were bathed on electromagnetic waves during the tests. In the rabbits, the ones which were exposed to electromagnetic waves had an impaired sperm motility by the 10th week of study while the control rabbits had the normal sperm count. In the rats, the ones which were exposed to the electromagnetic waves had less levels of testosterone hormone. As we know, this hormone is very important to the male reproductive system as it facilitates production of sperms.

There have also been human studies where 16 semen samples were exposed to 850 MHz which is the frequency of waves from cell phones. The outcomes were that 85% of the semen had oxidative stress and showed lower sperm motility. Therefore, we should not be placing our cell phones in our pockets for long periods of time.

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