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Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count: Cut Back On Coke And Other Sodas

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Everybody loves cola and other sodas due to their refreshing feeling. I know that you have heard the saying that ‘too much of something is harmful’. This is totally true as studies have shown that men who take in too much cola tend to have lower sperm counts than those who don’t.

In one Danish study, a group of men from the 2554 who were recruited for military service were examined to determine their fitness. It was found that men who took large amounts of cola had sperm counts of around 40 mL/M while those who didn’t take cola had 56mL/M. What made it difficult for the researchers to come up with a concrete outcome was that some of the men who took too much cola also used caffeine. Therefore, just to be on the winning side, we should stay away from caffeine and cola.

Looking closer at the outcomes of the Danish study, it was found that men who drank cola too often had 30% less sperm count than those who didn’t take cola.

Do soft drinks have an effects on male reproductive health?

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If a man has lower sperm count, he might be considered infertile. This is probably because most of the sperm counts are considered as normal by WHO. The Danish researchers stated that the low sperm concentration was not really linked to caffeine as coffee didn’t have the same effect on sperms. What coffee does to the sperms is that it causes mutations to the structure of the sperms. This in turn affects how easily the sperm will fertilize the egg and also the chances of not getting a miscarriage. The outcomes from the men which were considered infertile were mainly due to other factors such as a poor healthy diet.

There are only a few studies which have taken a look at the effect of caffeine on sperm count, this was doneby Kold Jensen who was the team leader for the research. A majority of the Danish youth have been increasing their intake of caffeine containing soft drinks over the past few years. This raised an alarm. Therefore, the researchers took a step in conducting a study to see whether this was reducing the sperm count.

In this new study, more than 2500 men were the test subjects. The outcomes were, the young men who didn’t take cola had a better sperm quality with an average of 50 million sperms per milliliter semen. These men also had a healthier life style.

On the other hand, 93 men who were drinking more than 1 liter of cola per day had an average of 30 million sperm per milliliter. It was found that these men had a poor healthy life style.

The scientists were not quite sure on whether cola or the unhealthy lifestyle was the cause of the poor sperm quality. Therefore, we should embrace a good eating lifestyle and reduce the amount of cola we take on daily basis. This study was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

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