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Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count: Eat More Nuts, Specifically Walnuts

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The testicles have many nicknames, from ‘boys’ to ‘balls’ and one of them are ‘nuts’. This is because nuts have been known to have a positive effect on the male reproductive system as well as general health. Nuts such as walnuts are very rich in L-Arginine which increases the sperm count in men. On the other hand, peanuts contain huge amounts of zinc. Zinc is a micronutrient which is essential in production of sperms. Generally, nuts are good for your sperms.

In 2012, a study which was conducted at the University of California showed that men who took at least 75 g of walnuts on daily basis showed a huge improvement in sperm vitality, motility and morphology. These are some of the most important elements of a sperm. However, you should always remember that too much of something is dangerous. This is why you should take 75 g or walnuts daily and for Brazilian nuts, you may only take 2-3 nuts per day and not more than that.


As stated above, eating 75 g of walnuts on daily basis for a period of 3 months will boost your sperm count. The study which was conducted at university of California used 117 men as their test subjects who were in healthy condition. All the test subjects were given the normal western meal. However, 59 of them were given 75 g of walnuts for a period of 3 months while the other 58 were told to avoid nuts at all costs. At the end of the 12th week, men who had been taking walnuts showed a great improvement in their sperm motility, vitality and morphology. In addition, there were reduced cases of sperm aneuploidy in the walnut group. Sperm aneuploidy refers to the problems associated with chromosome quality.

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From the epidemiological research, it has been estimated that 70 million couples from all over the world suffers from infertility issues where 30%-50% of these are due to young men. The findings from the study also revealed that walnuts have a positive effect to men of all ages including older men or men with an impaired fertility.

Walnuts have this positive effect on male reproductive system since they contain a huge variety of nutrients. Juts a cup of walnuts contains 18 ounces of protein, B vitamins, 115 mg of calcium, 185 mg of magnesium and omega 3 content.

Brazilian nuts

There are three main reasons as to why you should eat Brazilian nuts. First, they contain selenium which is good for male sex hormones. This is why Brazilian nuts are known to be great antioxidants for the male reproductive system. In addition, it boosts the testosterone levels in men.

Secondly, by taking Brazilian nuts, you will be reducing the chances of getting cancer due to selenium. Lastly, Brazilian nuts contain arginine which is a natural Viagra. They are known to increase the testosterone levels in the body and facilitate more blood to flow to the genitals. This is why you should add those nuts into your diet.

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