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Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count: Eat Bananas

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Now this is interesting. Bananas don’t only resemble the shape of our penises but they also make our penises better. How? Bananas contain an enzyme which is known as Bromeliad. This enzyme is good for the sperms since it helps in regulating the sex hormones. In addition, bananas are rich in Vitamin B1 and C which are the most essential vitamins in production of sperms. Even though bananas are fruits and are sweet, you don’t have to eat them excessively. If you don’t love eating bananas, you should try taking 1-3 bananas per week. This will boost your sperm counts to levels you cannot imagine.

An apple a day keeps the doctor way. That is a very common saying which we were probably taught in our childhood. What it means, sincerely I have no idea. Now that we are grown-ups, we have to remix this saying to, a banana a day keeps the sex specialists away. This is why you should consider adding bananas in your daily meals. As stated above, the enzyme contained in this phallic fruit has the ability to increase male libido and sex drive. Vitamin B which is also present in bananas is known to increase the stamina in the penis. This minimizes the cases of erectile dysfunction.

What studies have shown

Infertility is a problem of the reproductive system which prevents conceiving of a child. Studies have shown that the sperm count and quality of the man today is half of a man who lived 50 years ago. The main reason for this is believed to be the chemicals which are present in our environment and also our poor diet. 50 years ago we didn’t order pizza for supper nor did we have the smooth-feeling deodorants.

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A man is considered to be infertile if he cannot father children over a period of one year with regular sex activities. In addition, if the sperm count is way below the normal levels, you might be having fertility problems. Sometimes, we might be the ones who are causing the infertility problems in our systems. For instance, taking too much alcohol or caffeine can alter the shape of the sperm hence making it harder for fertilization to take place. Tobacco and marijuana are also known to have a negative impact on the sperm count. We can clearly see that some of these things can be prevented.

Excess heat is also known to reduce the sperm count. Have you ever wondered why the testicles were placed outside the body? The reason is simple. The temperature of the testicles is supposed to be lower than that of the body. High temperatures are known to damage the sperm DNA hence making it difficult for it to penetrate the egg.

What is the next step?

As men, we should stop using substances which have a negative impact on our reproductive system. In addition, we should eat more fruits like bananas instead of consuming too much meat. Lastly, we should engage in more outdoor exercises. Let us take care of our ‘boys’.

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