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Supplements That Will Increase Your Sperm Count: Take Ginseng

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Just from the name, ginseng definitely has an Asian origin. Ginseng is one of the most popular sperm booster as it increases the amount of blood flowing to the penis. This in turn improves the quality of your erection, your energy levels and much more in the male reproductive system. It is always recommended that when you are choosing ginseng, you should always go for the Asian ginseng. The Asian ginseng can also be taken in cycles of say, taking daily doses for 2-3 weeks and take a break at the 3rd week. You can later continue with the ginseng supplements and no harm will be done. The doses vary from 200 mg to 400 mg per day.

The study

Ginseng has dwarfed all other herbs in terms of enhancing the general health of the body. In addition to this, ginseng is known to be one of the best aphrodisiac since it is used to treat sexual dysfunction in traditional Chinese. There are many studies which have been conducted on animals and they have proved that there is a positive relation between ginseng, libido and copulatory performances. There have also been studies which have been conducted in humans and have backed up these findings.

That is not all! Past studies have shown that ginseng improves the sperm count and sperm quality on healthy men and on men who have been diagnosed as infertile. This was probably because of the pharmacological component, ginsenosides, which is present in ginseng. This study proved that ginseng can be used to treat infertility or disorder issues in the male reproductive system.

The ginseng herb is known to have a positive effect on:

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Ginsengcab be taken alone or with herbal formula so as to enhance sexual performance in traditional Chinese medical practices. These benefits of the herb were proved scientifically through trial treatments. For instance, there was a study in which 45 men with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction were the test subjects. This study was placebo-controlled. The treatment was carried out by giving men 900 mg of Korean red ginseng for a period of 2 months. Another study was conducted in a similar manner in which 60 men with similar fertility problems were the test subjects. At the end of the treatment, in both studies, there was an improvement in erection in all the subjects.


The sex drive in mammals occurs via a complicated coordination between hormonal and neuronal components. Testosterone hormone plays a major role in boosting libido or sex drive in men. This hormone is manufactured in the Leydig cells. The most interesting thing is that studies and experiments have shown by using ginseng, the levels of testosterone increase in the blood.

Sperm production and quality

A reduction in sperm production rates has been reducing for the past few years. There are many factors which play a role in this. Therefore, we have to find ways of boosting our sperm counts. There is a lot of evidence which show that ginseng plays a major role in production of sperms.

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