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Supplements That Will Increase Your Sperm Count: Take L-Carnitine

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This was proved by Italian researchers. The researchers stated the L-carnitine helps in boosting the swimming speed of sluggish sperms. In this study, men were supposed to take 2 g or L-carnitine on daily basis for a period of three months. Later, they took other men and didn’t give them L-carnitine for a period of three months. The outcomes of the experiment were quite amazing. The men who took L-carnitine had sperms with better motility than those who took the placebo. It is recommended for you to take 2 grams of L-carnitine daily for better results.

The study

On 9th March 2005, the Italian researchers claimed that L-carnitine supplements helps the sluggish sperms to swim. This findings were very important as they greatly helped in dealing with the male infertility issues to men whose sperms had poor motility.

Sperm motility is a very important parameter when it comes to fertilization. The sperm is supposed to swim well and reach the egg in order for fertilization to take place. However, if the sperm has any difficulty in swimming, fertilization is not very likely to occur. This means that the woman whose man has this problem will have very minimal chances of getting pregnant.

Researchers claimed that by supplementing the body with L-carnitine, we might spike the sperms to motion. You can easily get L-carnitine supplements over the counter but you must ensure that your doctor knows you are using it.

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The study was conducted on 30 men who had an average age of 34 years. All the 30 men had been seeking help regarding their infertility conditions. After diagnosis, all the men had the problem of poor sperm motility. For the first three months, the men were given a placebo on daily basis. For the next three months they were given 2 grams of L-carnitine supplements on daily basis. On the last three months, they were not given any supplements. Semen samples were collected four times: at the start, when administering the placebo, when administering L-carnitine and when nothing was administered.

It was found that men who took the L-carnitine had a better sperm motility in comparison to those who took the placebo. This improvement was believed to be as a result of the nature of the mitochondria in the sperms. This means that the man’s condition played a huge role here. The mitochondria is what powers the sperm cell.

Men whose sperms didn’t have a proper working mitochondria showed an improvement in sperm motility after using L-carnitine but is wasn’t as good as in those who had a normal mitochondria. This improvement in sperm motility was temporary. This is because, at the end of the treatment, men whose sperm motility had improved as a result of L-carnitine supplements showed a huge drop.

The best sources of L-carnitine are meat, poultry, fish and dairy products. It is also contained on some fruits, vegetables and grains in small quantities. L-carnitine plays a very important role in energy production by the mitochondria.

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