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Foods That Will Increase Your Sperm Count: Beans

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Sitting for long period could turn into having infertility:

While extra temperature causes males to have issues with sperm availability, sitting for long period can be problematic for men. Under any circumstance, long time sitting will increase the temperature of the body as well as the testicle and neighboring areas that eventually cause males produce low sperm compared to standard medical conditions.

Although it might not be considered as a disorder, prolonged practice of sitting for a long time can help men’s physical system regulate sperm production with a decreased volume. If it continues, men will consistently avail low sperm during sex that will result in a decreased possibility of fathering a baby.

With other inconveniences like ejaculatory problems, reduced sexual performances caused by this, men can develop other difficulties in producing and releasing adequate sperm during the sexual intercourse. This might be a minor issue to some people as long as they totally ignore the scientific fact however, it should be taken seriously.

Sitting for longer time with laptop, taking a long course of sitting while studying, or doing the same thing due to professional needs can also result the same. Since men’s genital and reproductive system, due to anatomical normality, can have a connection with external environment, unlike women, they are more likely to be affected by such silly matters.

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Beans are useful to lower the risk of fertility among men:

Beans are a group of large plant seed that are edible. Beans, being known for its wide variety of benefits are considered to be nutritious foods. Beans are filled with plenty of useful nutrients that can help sustain a male body. Some of these nutrients include vitamin B, iron, zinc, potassium and protein.

These nutrients aid in the increase levels of sperm cell production. Due to beans being rich in protein give beans the title of super nutritious foods. Beans are very healthy for men and should be included in their diet. Beans contain natural fibers that minimize the risk of intestine issues that cause other difficulties with sperm production.

When a male has low semen levels, he is said to have the condition oligospermia. This condition results in the inability to have a child with a female. The nutrients such as zinc, protein, vitamin B are important in treating this illness. The zinc within the beans help protect the sperm cells from free radicals in the body, it also aids in the increasing of levels of sperm, and preventing the conversion of testosterone into estrogens.

This mineral zinc can also improve the sex drive in males; coincidentally vitamin B has that same property of increasing the stamina in men. Protein on the other hand is the most important nutrient as without protein in the body it would not be able to carry out any functions. Proteins when broken down into simpler units are called amino acid and it is the building block of life. As useful the tomato is, speak to your doctor to get the professional and proper diagnosis and treatment needed for your condition.

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