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Foods That Will Increase Your Sperm Count: Tomatoes

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Radiation or X-rays are threatening males’ fertility:

Radiation therapy is sometimes inevitable for certain types of recoveries however; it kills sperm cells as well as stem cells that generate sperms. Radiation used for continuing bone marrow transplantation, or when it is used directly at the abdomen, lower spine, pituitary gland, or testicles- are affecting sperms severely.

While cancer alone makes harm to sperm producing, radiation used to heal cancer can devastatingly lower the production of sperms. Lowered sperm generation caused by radiation can be uncompromisingly affective and continuation of applying radiation can permanently stop sperms from regaining. Radiation doubtlessly disables the sperm production procedure within the human organs.

On the other hand use of X-ray can be similarly affective in consideration to the regular production of sperms within the body. Such treatments or ray implementation can minimize the possibility of further sperm creation as well as damage the entire system of sperm production and so, males are experiencing infertility. Stopping radiation therapies and at the same time eating useful foods that are associative for sperm production can be a helping side to get increased sperms in ejaculation.

Tomatoes have useful elements that recover infertility:

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Tomatoes are big red edible berry type fruit that is also considered to be a vegetable. It is very nutritious and easily incorporated in any meals. Tomatoes contain Vitamin A, C, and B6, iron, magnesium, protein and fiber. This vegetable is jam packed with nutrients with the capabilities of sustaining the human body.

Tomatoes are known as a functional food that provides the basic nutrients to sustain life and also prevent or treat illnesses and diseases. Oligospermia is one of those conditions that tomatoes help to improve or prevent. Oligospermia is a condition of low semen levels in a male’s ejaculation resulting in the inability to conceive a child with a woman.

Tomatoes are well known as a wonderful resource of tastes and nutrition as well as are blessed with numerous components that have superb healing qualities. It originally increases the sperm productions in males’ reproductive system and helps individuals recover disastrous physical conditions caused by low sperm generation. The result is always soothing, since tomatoes is a well-recognized safe vegetable.

The nutrients found within this fruit can aid in the increase production of sperm cells in the scrotum. The vitamin A is important for the increase production and improving the sperm cell motility. The vitamin C also increases the production of sperm cells and also protects these cells from free radicals in the body that will harm them.

Vitamin B improves the stamina in men, provides energy and help to boost the motility of the sperm. With all these nutrients combined makes the tomato ideal for men with low sperm count. Tomatoes will improve these low volumes in no time, as not only one nutrient is responsible for anything but at least two nutrients are for the same thing hence providing greater results. Before making any life changing decision or if you’re not sure if you have the condition, just speak to your doctor about your concerns.

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