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Foods That Will Increase Your Sperm Count: Avocado

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Prior surgery is sometimes responsible for infertility:

Certain medical surgeries cause males to have shortcomings with availing sperm to ejaculate. Such surgeries include vasectomy, testicular surgeries, massive abdominal surgeries for rectal cancers, prostate surgeries, inguinal hernia fixation surgeries, etc. On most occasions, further surgeries can be executed to either make a reversion of these blockage or to go for retrieving sperms from testicles or epididymis directly.

If a surgery somehow damages sperm ducts in spite of being successful in treating particular diseases and fulfilling relevant purposes; males will experience difficulties with availing sperm across the passage and will subsequently fail to get it ejaculated. Proper diagnosis of lowered sperm generation can only detect it and helps the physician decide whether to opt for performing further surgeries in order to regain the former condition.

This type of inconvenience makes males mix up with what actually they need to do and contact specialist for help. Although it may initiate complicated situations and makes things difficult to get back to the normality, males can continue some helpful foods and recipes in order to increase the sperm production and reinstate the nominal sperm generation.

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Avocado has rare elements to improve fertility:

Known for being one of the healthiest foods in the world, avocado is more than just a delicious fruit. The avocado plant which contains mostly carbohydrate and healthy fats that has powerful very effective benefits on human health. This powerhouse fruit contains many useful nutrients and minerals that make the avocado fruit very nutritious. Some of these nutrients include folic acid, zinc, iron, and vitamins A, E, C, B5, B6 and K. This fruit helps in the prevention and improvements of diseases and infections.

The nutrients contained in the avocado can help in the increased production of sperm cells in men. This is useful for the improvement in volumes of sperm cells in the scrotum of men who have oligospermia. Oligospermia is a condition which relates to the inability of men to conceive a child due to low sperm cell in his ejaculation.

The Zinc element in the avocado is essential in improving the testosterone levels in men as it will result in the increased production of sperm. Zinc also prevents free radicals from harming sperm cells in the scrotum. An important role of zinc is to prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogens as it will lead to decrease the sex drive in men.

Vitamin C will also protect the sperm cells from free radicals in the body so that the volume of sperm cell will only increase not decrease. Vitamin A is important in the motility of sperms and vitamin B improves the stamina for men. Finally folic acid prevents infertility by preventing the sperms in the scrotum from being deform.

With all these nutrients put together it proves how important it is for men to eat avocado on a daily basis. As avocado will improve the quality, vitality and motility of sperms in the scrotum it will help men gain the chances of fertility. Just remember before using any remedy for any condition; always speak to your doctor.

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