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Foods That Will Increase Your Sperm Count: Maca

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Awareness of taking certain medications makes sense:

Medications prescribed by physicians for healing relevant diseases may have awkward effect on fertility of men. So far it has been found by researches, there are several drugs and medications that can simultaneously treat individuals’ physical indisposition and cause harm to males’ health based on their reproductive system.

People, on most occasions, take the healing capacity of medications into the consideration first, and so, ignore the drawbacks caused by these. Sometimes, patients are not aware of the side effect of medication they comply with. Physicians mostly, as they could not be informed exclusively about the presence of infertility of the patient, do not consider the negative impact of drugs and so, don’t make use of alternative treatment plans for current diseases.

On the other hand, some diseases might not have alternative treatment options. Drugs and medications used for treating depression, fungal infections, cancer, tumors, high or low blood pressure, heart diseases, epilepsy, etc can adversely affect the nominal sperm generation ability of males and change the their health condition into even an emergency condition. However, after finding out the poor sperm generation state of health, it is useful to take helpful foods that don’t cause any side effect at all.

Maca keeps males strong and improve sperm production:

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Maca is a root plant that resembles a turnip, due to its unique properties this plant has been considered to be one of the natural super foods in the world. This plant commonly in powder has thousands of medicinal benefits; some of these benefits include positive effects on hormone benefits, booster of health, and improved energy levels.

This powder is rich in zinc, over 20 amino acids, 20 fatty acids, potassium, vitamins C, and B. these nutrients are very useful as they assist in the effects observed by the maca plant. The plant has the ability to restore mental, hormonal and sexual health not only for men but also for women.

It has been show that the Maca plant has positive effects on sperm production in men. The maca plant also improves sperm’s mobility and volumes in the scrotum. This improvement can help me who have oligospermia. Oligospermia is the condition where men have low sperm count and is unable to fertilize a female’s egg.

The maca powder is one of the most suitable substances that should be included into the diet of men as it is a natural aphrodisiac. The herb has been known to increase fertility in men; it was show that men who use this herb have seen increased productions and quality of sperm cells. It also improves the sex drive and intensities of arousal in men.

These results are due to the presence of the components within the powder. Zinc in the Maca powder plays an important role in increasing levels of sperm production due to increased levels of testosterone. The Vitamin B helps by improving the stamina of men who uses this powder. Vitamin C protects the sperms form free radicals in the body. The amino acids within the maca helps build tissues and provides energy which is required to do any function in the body such as sex. Before using Maca you should speak to your doctor as maca powder is very strong and should be used in moderations.

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