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Foods That Will Increase Your Sperm Count: Pumpkin Seeds

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Chromosome defects are responsible for infertility:

Some chromosomal dysfunctions can cause a man to have problems with fertility. Problems caused by chromosomal malfunctions, if untreated can be hardly recovered resulting in a permanent failure to improve fertility. For an instance, Klinefelter’s Syndrome is one of those, which is likely a genetic condition while every cell of individuals has an extra X chromosome- males having this disorder contains one Y and a couple of X chromosomes.

This disorder exposes the symptom of causing men to have peanut-typed testicles and extended breasts. States of this disorder can be demonstrated by a chromosome analysis. Early attempts to treat this condition can be useful and hCG drug treatment can be fruitful helping the sperm production commence again. But, this syndrome at length, can devastate all active structures of testicles.

If testicular failure takes place, the fertility improvement can become impossible. Although the treatment can alone help individuals improve the sperm production rate, intakes of some food components can be even effective for male. Before the testicular failure occurs such foods can boost the sperm generation and help one get rid of infertility.

Pumpkin Seeds are the cheaper magic improving fertility:

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Pumpkin seeds are the edible seeds from a pumpkin. These seed are full of nutrients and minerals that are sustainable to human life. These seeds contain magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, omega 3 fatty acid and Vitamin A. All these nutrients and minerals within these seeds makes them nutritional powerhouses as they will help prevent numerous diseases and improve others just by eating them.

They make excellent snacks for anyone, especially men as it improves the volume of semen due to a condition called Oligospermia. Oligospermia is a fertility issue of low sperm count in a male’s ejaculation which results in inability of fertilizing a female’s egg.

The compound of zinc, vitamin A and omega fatty acids are essential in improving the semen levels of men with this condition. Zinc is one of the most important nutrients required for men. It is important in the production of testosterone levels in the body. This increase level of testosterone increases the production of sperm in the scrotum. Zinc also plays an important role in the motility of sperms.

The vitamin A is an important nutrient for increasing sperm production as well as its motility. With both of these important elements making pumpkin seeds a real vital food to be adding to your diet. The omega 3 fatty acids found in the pumpkin seeds also improve the volumes of semen in a male’s ejaculation as well as improving the blood circulation in their reproductive organ.

Another key component of pumpkin seeds are the antioxidants within it. These antioxidants prevent free radicals within the body to decrease the production of sperm cells which will result in the decrease level of semen and later lead to infertility. These important facts make pumpkin seeds one of the best foods needed by men on a daily basis. These seeds will improve your sex life so that you will be able to have that baby you so desire.

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