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Foods That Will Increase Your Sperm Count: Walnuts

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Blockage one of the core reasons of infertility:

Male sexual partner may have sperm carrying ducts that have been attacked with blockages. Consequently, male experiences issues with ejaculating adequate sperms with semen. Due to having blockage, sperm can be interrupted while mixing with semen which eventually prevent it from reaching female’s egg. Blockage can develop because of injury or infections; furthermore, it can be an inborn symptom as well.

In most cases, male partners remain unaware of this fact and could not address the problem before they contact the physician. When doctor decides that blockage could be the case causing the infertility, the patient would be recommended to take surgery to remove it. After removing the blockage there is the 50 to 75 percent likelihood that the patient will regain his fertility and would fully recover.

Sometimes, surgery is not preferred for some males at all, and the physician then would recommend IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) for them. Apart from receiving these treatments, patient can get a soothing result by taking nutritious foods that have effective components to heal infertility. Such foods are free from side-effects and are likely to increase sperm and minimizing the effect of the prevalence of the blockage inside male’s ducts.

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Walnuts Playing Role in Fertility:

Walnuts are fruits that belong to the nut family. This fruit is enriched in a wide range of nutrients and minerals along with omega 3 fatty acids that are necessary for overall health. Walnuts contain, omega 3 fatty acids, potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium and the vitamins A, C, D, B6 and 12. This powerhouse fruit has a lot of benefits as it relates to the prevention and improving of illness. One such illness includes improvements in the male reproductive organs.

Walnuts are essential in improving the low semen levels in men. Condition oligospermia describes the illness that relates to low sperm count and infertility among men. Walnuts with are packed with key nutrients such as zinc. Omega 3, vitamin A, the compound L-arginine and antioxidants all improve this condition.

The omega 3 fatty acid present in walnuts are a key nutrient in sperm production along with vitamin A. omega 3 will improve the volume of sperm in the scrotum along with improving the circulation of blood in the penis. The compound, L-arginine is known to increase sperm production in men as well as enhance the intensity of their orgasm. Zinc, is an essential mineral as it improves the testosterone levels in males which will result in the increase in sperm production.

There are powerful and rare antioxidants present in walnuts. These antioxidants prevent the harmful effects of free radicals in the body that will reduce the production of sperm in the scrotum. Walnuts overall improve fertility of males by improving the quality, vitality, motility and morphology of sperms. This is hands down an amazing health fruits that any man should eat in moderation on a daily basis. With the advice given by your health care provider once they have done their routine checks on you to ensure that walnuts are right for you.

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