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Foods That Will Increase Your Sperm Count: Garlic

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Poor Sperm Production Caused by Undescended Testicles:

Men carrying undescended testicle (problem known as Cryptorchidism), have the likelihood of being into the hazard of having shortcomings with fertility. A notable number (about 50%) of babies who are born with undescended testicle can recover this by the 6th month of their age, on their own. But, if it goes otherwise, it’s very crucial to receive treatment, since such testicles then might have been damaged affecting fertility on later life or causes men to convey other medical issues.

Affected men, if untreated, may have consecutive issues in providing adequate sperms when they get mature. The physician will go for diagnosing this issue out of suspicion whenever infertility becomes the case in men, despite the patient may not notice this. Although hope could not be the maximum when it comes to achieving instantaneous remedy, some food elements can be even helpful and effective to get rid of permanent disaster. Adequate intakes of such food components can alternatively help men have increased sperm production in spite of the severity of the problem.

Garlic: The Magic for Numerous Remedies Including Low Sperm Production:

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Garlic otherwise known as Allium Sativum is both an herb and a vegetable that has a lot of benefits for the human body. Garlic contains minerals and vitamins such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins A, D, C and B6. This small herb has been proven to treat and prevent many medical diseases and disorders. Garlic also aids in improving levels of semen in males and is a known aphrodisiac. This herb can help in the prevention and improvements of the condition oligospermia.

Oliogospermia is a condition that indicates the fertility of a man due to low sperm count in his normal ejaculations. Garlic contains a compound that improves blood flow in males which will result in improved blood flow in the male sex organs and also increasing the volume of semen. With this improvement, men with this condition can add this to their diets so that they will be able to conceive a child with their partners.

Garlic can however be harmful if it is consumed too much. It may cause gastrointestinal problems and increased bleeding risk. Before trying garlic as a remedy for oligospermia, speak to your doctor about the correct measure to take with this condition. Exercise, eat right, and speak to your partner about your issues.

The most important part of the vegetative resource like Garlic is that it alone works as a supplemental treatment against numerous diseases. Garlic has the lowest side-effect and is unique in kind. Garlic is available everywhere so, it’s not expensive or rare. Males’ sperm production can be many times increased due to the absorption of garlic. Garlic can be taken as foods or can be blended to become juicy. It also can be used as a recipe. Many people utilize garlic while cooking foods so that there will not be so much bitterness while tasting it. Basically, men should make use of garlic for lots of health benefits even if they find no problems with the sperm’s quality.

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