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How To Increase Sperm Motility By Yoga?

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Men who want to have healthy sperm health need to do some kind of exercise daily. And one of the best things they could do is to practice yoga. Yoga not only helps you maintain a healthy body and posture, but it actually has a great effect on your sex life and the sperm your body produces.

If you and your partner are trying to make a baby, it is ideal for both of you to practice yoga - not just a few times, but make it a habit instead. Several studies have been done all over the world and many of them suggest that yoga gives a lot of benefits. This is because it enhances blood flow in and around the pelvic area where the reproductive organs are.

By opening the hip joints, you will be stronger and more flexible in bed. More than that, it improves sperm motility and mobility for men, the overall quality of the sperm, and production of sex hormones, while decreasing chances of getting prostate related problems. Other than that, it makes a person feel less stressed overall, increasing cortisol levels in the brain, encouraging one’s drive to have sex.

Certain yoga poses target specific areas of the body, and these poses need to be done with the correct form. Apart from just yoga poses, there are also breathing exercises that you may find boring, but are actually essential in your practice.

It has long been known that yoga activates the chakras in our bodies, including the Sakral Chakra that is associated with sex, reproduction, and emotions. This is located in the pelvic area just above the pubic bone. When the Sakral chakra is activated, your body will find it easier to promote male sexual hormones.

Some poses that you might want to look up on the internet, that will positively affect your sperm health include: pigeon pose, dancers pose, twisting triangle, and sun salutation.

Pigeon pose, for instance, releases the pressure on our lower body while stimulating the root and the sacral chakras. These chakras focus on our relationships with friends and partners.

Similarly, the dancer pose stimulates the sacral chakra when the leg and hip muscles are extended. It also strengthens the back, the foot, and the upper body. And all these are interconnected, leading back to the reproductive organ.

The twisting triangle pose, on the other hand, is a deep twisting movement that stretches the entire body. Not only does it massage the digestive organs, it also helps with balance and concentration while stimulating the Sakral chakra. These stretches provide relief to the lower back, while reducing stress levels too.

Lastly, sun salutation. This is comprised eight poses , and the fluidity of these movements give a great effect on stimulating the second chakra.

The great thing about yoga is that it is natural, and you don’t need to depend on supplements when it comes to your fertility, or sperm motility, as the poses alone will help your body do the magic itself.

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