4 Tips To Boost Male Fertility, Sperm Quantity, And Sperm Quality

Nowadays, a sizeable number of couples are experiencing some form of difficulty when it comes to conception. It is almost becoming a very common problem. Traditionally, a woman was considered the one with a fertility problem when a couple was not able to conceive after months and months of trying. However, it is more helpful to know and appreciate that men too can have fertility problems, and I want us to focus our attention on this problem of male fertility today. To a large extent, male infertility may arise from the sperm – either in terms of sperm count, the nature of its DNA, motility, as well as mobility. The objective, therefore, should be to offer those sperms as much protection and boost as possible.

Therefore, lets us evaluate four essential and easy-to-implement tips for boosting male fertility, and both sperm quantity and quality.

Get rid of extra pounds

According to Live Science, an overweight or obese man may be the one delaying the chances of conception – especially if his partner is of normal weight, and does not have any established fertility problem. Excess weight also hurts the sperm quality as it reduces the count aspect and mobility. Being overweight also increases the likelihood of cases associated with damaged material in sperm (DNA) as explained by The American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Apparently, this adverse reaction has been linked to changes in the levels of testosterone and other reproductive hormones, due to the presence of too much body fat.

Are you struggling with any health conditions?

At times, male infertility might be caused by known health conditions, yet the man does little or nothing to keep them under control. Some of the diseases associated with male infertility include hypertension and diabetes. Other conditions such as varicoceles, otherwise known as cystic fibrosis – a situation where the veins in the scrotum become larger than normal due to overheating – are known causes of infertility in men, according to CDC. Keep in mind that some medications for treating or keeping these chronic medical conditions under control may interfere with your fertility. In that case, speak with your doctor to decide the best way to manage your conditions without hurting your fertility. Also, make sure that you are playing your role to the best that you can on matters to do with lifestyle adjustment.

Daily multivitamin

Daily intake of multivitamins causes no harm, but instead, delivers tremendous benefits. The majority of the multivitamins designed for men contain ingredients such as Vitamin C and E, herbs such as the powerful maca, as well as minerals such as zinc and selenium. The presence of antioxidants in your multivitamin may result in a noticeable increase in the sperm count and mobility. Antioxidants usually protect the quality of sperm against free radicals that have the potential to destroy the DNA present in the sperm cells.

Stay clear of excess heat

Turns out, frequent use and extended stays in hot tubs, steam rooms, and saunas, could raise scrotal temperatures which in turn lead to low sperm count, mobility, and motility. Nevertheless, do not worry yourself much because these types of heat exposure do not usually cause a permanent negative impact on your sperm quality and quantity. Once you stop exposing your manhood to this kind of heat, your sperm count and overall quality should return to normalcy in a couple of months.

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