5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Semen Retention

What is semen retention and why should anyone bother with it in the first place? It is the practice of avoiding ejaculation. For the longest time, the past philosophies and medical practices from India and Asia have emphasized the importance of semen retention – claiming it contributes to a healthier and longer life for the men. They argue that, since semen is essentially the very life-force of every man, it must be retained in the body to guarantee his health at all times.

While some things are laughable, a critical and objective evaluation of such situations or concepts may somehow reveal some sense. When a person argues that semen is the life force of men, it is easy to laugh it off. Now, imagine what happens immediately a man ejaculates. There is usually a sudden surge of energy.

In this article, we look at five surprising health benefits of semen retention.

A good way to bring back that vitality

Have you ever wondered why athletes and other sports personalities are cautioned against engaging in sexual intercourse a day or so before the game? It is mainly because a single ejaculation has the potential to deprive you of the physical energy and drive they need to perform well in the game. In that case, if you wish to bring back that energy, you may want to try this practice of semen retention. Apparently, one ounce of semen is equivalent to sixty ounces of blood – regarding value.

Mental health

Apart from the sudden dip in the energy levels of a man immediately he ejaculates, a general air of depression also becomes apparent. It is mainly because; the semen is made of substances with substantial physiological value – and most importantly to the brain and the nervous system. The chemical composition of the semen is remarkably similar to that of the central nervous system. Both of them contain phosphorus compounds, cholesterin, and lecithin. This therefore means that every ejaculation deprives the body of crucial nutritional elements of the nervous tissues, and in turn, interfering with your mental clarity.

Treats premature ejaculation

If you have been struggling with erectile dysfunction, and all other solutions have not been of much help to you, semen retention might be exactly what you are looking for. By practicing semen retention, it becomes possible for you to deal with sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation.

Multiple orgasms

Also, you will have an easy time obtaining multiple orgasms in any sexual encounter. You will finally forget about rolling over and sleeping after just one round. This way, you are guaranteed of one important fact; you will be in a position to ensure optimal sexual satisfaction for you and your partner.

Increased sex drive

Low libido will become a thing of the past for you once you begin to practice semen retention. This practice is said to increase the amount of testosterone by about 45 percent. Popularly known as the sex hormone, testosterone plays a significant role in determining how well a man responds to sexual arousal, as well as his sex drive.

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