5 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Sperm – Yes, You Read That Right

You must already have heard that sperms contain proteins or other nutrients that your body is always in need of. Today, let’s shift our focus to five health benefits of sperms that probably you have never heard of – benefits you did not know existed in the first place. They include:

It takes care of your anxiety

We are constantly fighting with anxiety because of the never ending problems in our lives. Apparently, sperm can help you get rid of your anxiety because it contains hormones such as progesterone and oxytocin, as well as serotonin. Many people do not know that the greatest acceleration component for anxiety arises from oxidative stress – explaining why anxiety is usually accompanied by brain fog and issues to do with extreme tiredness.  The reason sperms are good for anxiety is because semen is rich in antioxidants that counter the oxidative stress.


Anyone who has suffered a lot of inflammation knows the struggle that comes with it. Some people have had to survive on the Lectin Avoidance Diet. However, it may please you to learn that semen may actually help you with your pain. Since it has the anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant trait, semen never receives any form of opposition or attack when it enters the body of a woman. Some of the elements present in semen that gives it this anti-inflammatory property include the nerve growth factor, progesterone, oxytocin, cortisol, and testosterone, among particular prostaglandins. Present in semen, TGF-beta aids in generating tolerance for proteins.

Are you struggling with insomnia?

Have you ever wondered why you manage to sleep so well after your fulfilling sexual encounters? Well, if you have been attributing it to the fact that you are always worn out by the time you are winding up, you have been wrong all this while. The truth is; semen contains a chemical known as melatonin that is known to induce both relaxation and sleep. The manner in which you ingest it does not matter. The moment it makes it to your blood stream, it becomes the most effective sleeping aid, even better than your over the counter sleeping pill.

It is a multi-vitamin

Imagine having the opportunity to supplement your nutrients merely through the ingestion of semen. Apparently, every ejaculation delivers more than 200 proteins and a couple of other helpful vitamins, as well as minerals inclusive of fructose, chlorine, calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, sodium, the complex Vitamin B12, zinc, and nitrogen among many others. Semen contains a substantial amount of zinc that acts as an antioxidant capable of slowing the aging process. Nevertheless, the quantity of these nutritional components usually differs from one obliging male to another – depending on their relative health conditions and age.

May help in the prevention of prostate cancer

We are living in a time where so many people have cancer. If diagnosed in good time and treatment administered, prostate cancer is curable. However, before we get to the curing stage, we might as well choose to engage in activities that help in the prevention. Apparently, semen has been named as a natural and scientifically proven method of lowering chances of cancer contraction by over 50 percent. This trait is attributed to the presence of TGF-beta, selenium, and numerous proteins.

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