Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count – Banana

Infertility caused by the absorption of certain medication:

While generic sperm production is a fundamental requirement for male, some medications and therapeutic processes can be responsible for decreasing it significantly. Anabolic Steroids, antidepressants, chemotherapy drugs, drugs for blood pressure, antifungal medications, epilepsy drugs, diuretics, etc can be the reason of the decrement of sperm generation. Some medications for heart diseases, Sulfasalazine, tranquilizers, peptic ulcer medications can also lower sperm generation rate in males.

Patients, who are receiving these drugs, have the likelihood of showing poor sperm production on a constant basis. Propecia, on the other hand can affect hormones within male reproductive system. Urinary function drugs as well as Viagra can lessen the production of sperm. When males are typically affected by low sperm production based indispositions, physicians usually take a special consideration before prescribing them with such drugs or medications and possibly try choosing alternative treatments for healing.

However, for helping the physician take all this into account, the patient must disclose relevant information related to poor sperm production, before other treatments start being in progress. Sometimes, physicians opt for prescribing supplementary medications, placebos, and herbs according to their discretion. Foods that contain healthy components for generating sperms can be even effective and helpful.

Banana Is More Than Tonic or Medicine:

Every wondered why bananas are considered one of the most widely consumed fruits on the world. This yellow fruit contains minerals and vitamins such as dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6. With these vitamins and minerals, bananas are known to help in the preventions, and improvements of illness and disorders.

There is a particular enzyme that is found within bananas called Bromelain. This enzyme aids in the improvement and prevention of the disorder Oligospermia. This condition describes the low semen level found within a male’s ejaculation. This condition prevents the conception of a child by the male counterpart.

Not only does banana contain all these minerals and vitamins but it contains a lot of energy that is requiring carrying out functions in the body. Without energy a male won’t be able to have the stamina that is needed to indulge in a sexual encounter.  The potassium that is found in the banana is good for the heart and nerves of an individual. The magnesium also aids in the functioning of the prostate. Vitamin B has been proven to improve a man’s stamina. Along with the enzyme, bromelain which aids in the increase sex drive of the male as the enzyme aids in the prevention of muscle soreness after intense exercise.

Men who are diagnosing with this condition have to include bananas in his diet to ensure that he is able to increase his semen levels. However, too many bananas are not good. Consuming a lot of bananas increases the intake of vitamin B in the body which can lead to harmful effects to the nervous system. It can also lead to your limbs being paralyze.  Improving your semen levels is important but do not over indulge in bananas to prevent it. Speak to your doctor and allow him or her to inspect you and assist you in maintaining or preventing this issue.


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