Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count: Dark Chocolate

Low Semen Quality Due to Varicocele:

In human organs, lots of indispositions can remain unnoticed until individuals’ distresses make them look back to the facts as well as causations. Low sperm availability and its infertility are common among males caused by Varicocele, which interrupts testicles from developing naturally. Varicocele can cause 35 percent of males to have initial infertility and up to 80 percent of males can experience secondary infertility because of it.

Sperm reproduction is a prerequisite of one’s good sexual performance as well as the overall soundness of sexual health. A varicocele is the result of veins’ enlargement within the scrotum holder that looks like a loose bag. Although, most varicocele can very easily be diagnosed and does not require a great arrangement for treatment, unawareness can result in a prolonged experience of low-sperm production that would definitely ruin the sexual pleasure.

A frequent observation to physical symptoms like swelling or recurring pain (in scrotum), and a slight care to refurbish the food menu can bring a great benefit when someone undergoes stresses due to poor sperm production. Obviously, there is hope, and there are some ways to quit the sperm ailment by taking foods that are scientifically proven to have medicinal qualities and efficacies.

Dark Chocolate: Delicious, and Effective in Infertility Remedy:

A term to describe a condition that occurs in a male when his sperm count is low is known as Oliogospermia. This condition is only diagnosed when a male’s sperm count is lower than the normal level that is seen in males. Unfortunately, this condition can decrease the chances in trying to get your partner pregnant. However, it does not mean it is impossible, with the aid of your doctor it can be done.

The first major sign seen by men who experience oliogospermia is the inability to conceive a child. The signs/ symptoms for this condition aren’t always obvious until a doctor does his/ her test on the individual. Other signs, however, like having a low sex drive, decreased in facial or body hair on the individual, chromosomal abnormality and feeling pain or a swelling of a lump in the testicle area are also observed in these men. Check your doctor for proper diagnosis if you think that you may have this condition.

However, studies show that certain foods can aid in increase in the semen count in a male. One of those special foods is Dark Chocolate.  Dark Chocolate contains the chemical L-Arginine that aids in the production of protein in the body. This chemical is a very important amino acid that is require in a male’s diet. It is known to increase the volume of semen and also improve and give a greater intensity during your orgasms. Dark chocolate is also a power aphrodisiac, if used correctly and in the right amounts or else you will just be gaining weight from eating all this chocolate which will later reduce your testosterone levels in your body and along with your sperm count.

Being diagnose with this condition is not the end, find remedies that will aid in improving it. Exercise on a regular basis; visit your doctor to ensure you’re on the right path. And never stop trying!


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